Where has the year gone already.

As I sit at the computer taking a small break from studying I am reminded that in just 2 short months I will be a college graduate.  Wow this is like  a dream.  It seems like yesterday that I was walking into Sinclair Community College and talking to them about what my next step in life was going to be.    I am 5 pages away from having my Capstone finished for my degree and 6 tests away from being done with my associates degree.  That may not sound like a lot but to this “GIRL,” it means everything.

I am  firm believer that if you think you can do it then you can.  Will you catch on right away?  Maybe, but most likely not. I have had to learn to be  a better me and for that I am changed for the better for sure.

I am eating better and seeing the inches starting to come back off.  Keeping a food journal has been helping for sure.  Trying to stay under 1500 calories is getting easier now that I have my snacks all made out for the week :0)  I am down to my original measurements so I am good with that.  Now to get a scale that works correctly :0)

Spring has finally stepped in and giving us a bit of sunshine and I am thankful for that.  For a lot of reasons.  One I can get out on the bike path again and I can start walking the dogs in the mornings again.

One day at a time. That’s all we can do…Really one breath and one heart beat.  With that have a great day!

Jan 24 what I know

Today I know that plankton are the bottom feeders of the world. As I was reading my geology I got to thinking about how a lot of times I feel like I the bottom of the food chain much like the plankton all though I have more them one cell lol.
I have been surrounding myself with people that help remind me that I matter. That I alone choice how to react to things. How its ok to let people get closer to me. Not everyone wants something really.
I am reminded daily that it is me that takes what you say and turns it into what ever it is I think you said even I that isn’t what you said at all. I need to let this go and listen with my ears and not my heart.
I am me and I ok. I am who no ands ifs or butts about it. Letting go of my past although to most isn’t so bad is very hard for me. These walls I built are slowly coming down due to believing in myself more and more everyday.
I will leave you with this


Jan 21 Be the change

The weather here in Ohio has takin a turn for the worse really. Low teens in temperature and a wind chill below 0. Makes me think about our homeless here and wonder how they are going to keep from getting frost bite. I volunteer for a women’s shelter that makes the clients leave by 8am everyday. A lot of these women have small children that are not in school yet. I know there are programs that these women can get involved in and that will help but it saddens my heart the stories I have heard of why they are there. If you have the opportunity to give money or supply’s to any of these shelters please do so. If you have a few hours a week to spare go help out. Be The Change!
Then there are the poor animals that are being left out in the cold to find for themselves. Watch you dog when they go outside. Don’t leave them out there to long. They can get frostbite as well. Bring the outside animals in. You wouldn’t want to be left outside with just a T-shirt and shorts would you…I think not. These animals are more then just animals they are family members. Treat them that way.

Jan 20 Family

Here it is the 21st of Jan already and as most of you can say 2013 is starting off fast as can be. I’m very fortunate that I have great friends and family to celebrate every day with.
Yesterday a dear friend (chosen family) asked me to take some pictures of her in exchange for some yoga classes. So I went and took one of her classes. She is teaching what they call Hot Yoga. The room is 95 degrees and I can safely say that every pore in my body sweated. OMG! Then I took some great new pictures of her. Can wait to edit them. Not sure I will do the Hot Yoga again but I will do yoga again.
I am looking forward to spending some time with the family this afternoon, my sister turns 40 in a few days do we are celebrating her bday today. Still not the same with out mom here ;0(
Have a great day world….I plan too!

Jan 18 the Grocery Store

Ok so they put the health fruit and veggies in the front of the store that is great…..Works well for me however You look in their ad and there is junk food in it.  You round the corner and instead of healthy choses you find sugar and carbohydrates that you don’t need to put in your pie hole.  The schools have takin the cookie away from the kids and the soda pop. That is a good thing but…..To buy juice for the child to drink costs twice as much.  WTH?  Eat more fresh veggies and leaner cuts of meat….Ok then lean some of the money off of these products.  Send out coupons that will encourage people to eat better instead of buy 2 for a better deal.  Why would the avg 2 person household need to buy two of anything really.  Stock up for a rainy day I suppose but why.  We never know what we are going too eat till its dinner time on most nights.

The good news is I only spent 137 dollars at the grocery and I did by fresh veggies and I did get some vegetarian dishes for my partner in crime but in the grand scheme of things I spent too much and I dint buy really any junk food.  A bag of veggie chips is the worse thing I can remember buying and she may or may not eat those I can’t remember.

I did learn that taking a list helps cut down the crap I use to buy.  Also reminds me to use my coupons!!!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is….Eating healthy should not cost more.  Mrs Obama where are you helping the avg person get healthy.  Its cheaper to buy fattening foods.  At least in the spring and summer I can grow my own veggies…..Thank god!

Have a great day everyone!

Tomorrow I think I am going to try Yoga!

Jan 17 Life

As I sit here listening to the people around me I am listening differently. With this Comm Theory class that I am taking it is asking me to look at things thru other peoples eyes. There are some older gentle man sitting at the table next to me and they are talking about the doping charges for that bike guy (I know its Lance Armstrong) talking about how these bike guys are ruining the sport. You know they all take drugs….blah, blah, blah. Amazing to me how people only see the bad parts of a person. they never mentioned the foundation he has done so well raising money for. They didnt talk about the other sports that we all know that drugs are running through. Just amazing to me. Shouldn’t be but it is.
Enough of that :0)
I went to the gym yesterday. I have dropped another 4.5 pounds so for the year I have dropped 9.5 pounds. I am excited about that! I have 30.5 to go for my first major goal. That will be a go buy a new outfit goal :0)
I walked for 30 minutes and used all the work out machines except one. I started situps yesterday as well. I did 25 straight. That is good for me. Gonna get my ball out and try and increase by 5 or more everyday then add side bends. I worked my arms really well too. gotta get rid of the flab so when I wear my wife beater I am not flapping in the wind lol.
Food is getting better. Need to eat more times a day. Drink more water.
I got a massage yesterday as well. Felt good after my work out. Going to keep this up felt good.
Off to class I go!

Jan 15 Giving In

So there I was walking to my first class and the dang vending machine was calling my name. I have been craving Fritos, My worst snack really. I gave in. No will power this morning. Thats what happens when you forget to have your breakfast :0( I have learned from this experience and I will stay far away from these evil vending machines. I knew better but the cravings took over.
SO what did I learn from this. As much as I enjoyed the first bite, it really wasnt tasty as I wanted it to be. I know sounds crazy but with all the changing what I eat going on the stuff that I once really enjoyed…..I don’t so much anymore which is a really good thing. It also pretty much went right thru me.
Fritos I say good by to you for now till I can get myself under control. And vending machine, I am watching you sneaking up on me. There will be no more of that! I am control of me!

Jan 14 day of fun

Most people wouldn’t think hanging with a 8 year old would be the ideal way I spend the day but they would be wrong. I had the pleasure of spending the day with my niece today. We had breakfast, went to the USAF Museum, (check out Mr Ps blog to see what we did) and had lunch all before her dad picked her up at 230. It was fun talking and laughing with her. She still thinks Aunt PP is cool! And we walked a lot! Bonus!
It was exactly what I needed today. All healthier choices for food today. Still need to drink a lot more water.
Got my blood work results back today. Looks like I have just a little high cholesterol but I think I can bring that down. Everything else seems to be in the middle range I am pretty happy about that. Going to talk to the Doc on the 21st about it.
School tomorrow so I guess I’ll hit the sack.
We did eat fresh today. Thank you Subway


What Else I think today

I got new glasses yesterday.  Normally that be a big deal but I am amazed at the fact that I can actually see better.  I knew I needed readers, I do a lot of computer and close up work but I also had to get a bit of help with my distance.  I can see things don’t get me wrong but, I can now see them clearly :0)  Didn’t even know this was a problem.

Had my first lab today.  Geology my old friend is back again.  This time with more historical things for me to learn.  Keeping finger crossed.  However I am going to need to get a smaller group.  One of the guys is great and the other two are just waiting for someone to give them the answer.  This could be bad.  First lab and only one question confused me.  That is progress being I didn’t get most of the last labs till the end :0)

Why don’t people talk in the elevator?  Is it because they have nothing to say or the fact that they think the other person really doesn’t care what they have to say.  I am a talker.  I talk to who ever when ever really.  Just in general stuff…what floor, have a good day.  I even say good morning to my fellow class mates as they com in the door to class.  I think this is a good thing and I am not going to change that.  Not one bit.  As a matter of fact I may even do it more :0)

I am really enjoying my picture a day assignment!  Mr P and I are making our rounds.  Thinking he may need to go on a vacation with someone…where should he go?

Well I am making tacos for dinner tonight.  Guess I should go get that ready!

I need to make me the change!  Make a difference!

Jan 10 What I Think

I have lived in Ohio my whole life.  I have traveled to many beautiful places and seen a lot of things.  What I can not understand is that here in Ohio the weather its self can change in a matter of days or even in minutes.  Last week we had snow and tomorrow it is going to be 63 degrees they say.  If that’s
not global warming I don’t know what it is.

I got to school this morning a bit earlier then expected so I got a better parking spot. Well I think it is.  We will see when I go to leave later.  Thursday is my long day but not as long as last semester.  I have my geology lab today.  These always help to explain the foreign language that the class seems to be speaking.  It is interesting to me to see how one minute I really don’t get it and the next a light bulb goes off and just like the big bang…..BAM!  We can only hope the Bam comes quick.

At home there are usually 2 dogs, Maggie and Luna.  They are visiting their other mother this week and it has been really quiet in the house.  Kinda creepy really.  I look forward to their return tomorrow.  They seem to keep things calm at the house.

I received a new potato head yesterday.  Kim and the kids got him for me.  He is a little tater.  Not sure what to name him yet but he is dressed like Elvis :0)  Of course they had bengal ones on sale at Kroger so I got one of those while I was there.  Maybe I need an intervention. Na he makes for a great blog.  If you havent checked it out you really should: www.mrpsadventures.wordpress.com

Guess I should find some breakfast before I get this party started …….LOL

Have a great day!