A Year and 7 ish Months Later….

I’m not sure why I lose track to my blogging. I’m going to blame it on life. To many things to do I guess. However that needs to change. In the past I have shared life in general and my crazy instant pot recipes. I still may do that on occasion, however I’d like to get back to what I truly love…Photography.

As luck would have it I got to get away a few weekends ago to attend the Professional Photographers of Ohios Conference. Spent 3 days with people that are wanting to better thier business and learn how to take there photography to the next level.

I found this group on accident. I had joined the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) group and the PPO group popped up in a Facebook feed. They happened to be having a conference in a few weeks so I signed up to go not knowing anyone there. So glad I did.

Started the weekend meeting some great photographers that taught a class on pet photography. It was informative, interactive and taught me so many things. I ordered a few backdrops so I can practice what I learned. (I am normally an outdoor photographer.) Susan Gentz and Danica Barreau taught the class and they where amazing. Each own there own studio and I cant wait to see what they are going to do next!

After that class I headed to the hotel and met up with a few of the others that I had met and met even more people. Had a little dinner and then went back to my room to get a good nights sleep so I could be ready for more learning.

That Sunday was full of great speakers! The group was about 60 people and it made it easy to see, hear and ask questions. We had Megan DiPiero talking about looking at the big picture and knowing your worth, she even signed my book! She spoke twice during the conference and it just got better!

Isaac Coffy showed us some great ideas on video marketing. I hadn’t even wanted to do any video stuff till his presentation. Boy the ideas I have there. I even go to spend some time talking with him that evening about camera straps of all things. He sat with me at lunch the next day as well…Great guy.

Gary Box then talked to us about knowing what it costs to run our businesses. Just an interesting guy. gave me a lot to think about as far as what I charge people for my work.

Then I met Emily McClure. She talked to us twice during the weekend. She talked about adding headshots to your brand. What a great idea. She even did a live demo. I got to spend a lot of time talking with her that weekend. Even became facebook friends :0) She helped me to get a few things straightened out and even shared some photos I had taken. Can’t wait to see her again in Nashville in January, here we are!!!!

Then we had a senior shoot out. David Beckham brought in a few models and his lighting set up and away we went. We used LED lights that are battery powered. This will be a game changer for me. Now I have to clear a wagon out so I can use my new light at a shoot :0)

Then it was off to bed for a good nights sleep because more learning was to be had the next day. Emily started the learning part of the day with making quotes for headshots. Man did I learn a lot there. Then Marisa with Sassy Mouth talked to us about social media. OMG game changer on how I am going to run my social media. At the end she gave away a car…I WON!!!!

Megan ended the convention talking about how to LUXE our business. We talked about what we would do if there was no fear in doing it. This was an interesting exercise and we all took something away from it. I took away the fact that I am a great photographer and should work on my business and do what I need to do to make it successful.

I need those three days to kick myself in the behind to do more for my business! I can wait to put it all together!!!!! Look out world, Here I come!!!

Where Have I Been…..

Its been about 2 years. Time flies when life starts moving all your stuff around. My world has slowed way down due to the pandemic that we are now living in, in 2021. I would have never guessed in a million years that I could walk into bank or store waring a mask. I never thought I would be staying 6+ feet apart from people that I love but its happening.

In March of 2021 the Covid 19 virus started its rounds thru the USA. I was one of those people that where gonna be able to help the sick and elder get groceries and stuff like that. I had a plan. Best laid plans change quickly. On March 17, 2020 I had a fall at our local kroger store and broke my ankle in two places. Got my first ambulance ride. I had given blood that morning and Im guessing hadn’t had enough water or food to keep me going and I passed out. One of the oddest feelings in the world is waking up on the floor of a store with all kinds of people standing over top of you asking you questions. I was just trying to figure out what had happened and if anything was broken. Long story short they called the squad and I was taken to a local hospital and take very good care of. I must have been one of the only people in the ER that day because I always had 2-4 people in my room all the time. Once they gave me a pain pill I was chatty Cathy. ER checked me out for everything. They wanted to make sure I hadn’t had a stroke or a heart attack, or even hit my head. Nope just a really bad sprain on one ankle and a really broken bone on the other. Now as we talked before I am not a little women. But thankfully we had lots of things to add me in my transition to home. I was told if I could stay off the broken leg till I went to the doctor chances are I would not need surgery. Guess what, I didn’t move that leg with out assistance :0)

Got home via a pick up and taken to get my meds. Got home and was wheeled thru the yard in a wheelchair. Then put in a transport chair to put me into bed. WE got my legs all propped up and iced and I slept for a few days. once that got under control we called to get me an ortho appt. Well that was a crazy hot mess. The doctors where cutting back on patients and pushing new patients out a month. I broke down and said I just did this 3 day ago I can’t wait to see if I’m going to need surgery for a month. Im sure my tears helped that. I got in the next week.very nice Dr but I never saw her face. Everyone was masked. mater afactI never saw her face the whole time I was her patient. I got exrayed again and sure enough it was broken and she put me in a boot and told me to stay off it for three weeks and come back. I did that. X-rays again and still stay off it for 3 more week but come back in 2. After this vista was aloud to start putting a little weight on it at a time. At this point I was ready to run I thought. Ya not so much. Switched from the transport chair to a walker with a seat. it was a slow process but it wasn’t like we could go anywhere anyway.

I learned a few things about myself during those 3 months. I can lay still for a few months if I have too. I have great friends that sent me texts and cards and things to keep my spirits up. I have a wonderful wife that happened to be on furlough the day I broke my leg (we will call that devine intervention.) I am truly blessed the break could have been much worse. I could have had to do all this stuff alone. But Ididnt and I am grateful!!!

I am now stronger and building more strength all the time. My ankle now doesn’t like this cold Ohio weather but we will make it work. I also may be one of the only people I know that can loose weight during a pandemic and be pretty much laying in bed. Portion control is all I can say. that and I couldn’t get up an ego to the kitchen lol

Ill write more soon!

Dirt Therapy

I forgot how good it feels to spend time out in the yard. Cleaning up from the winter. Planting new things. Listening to the birds sing! Oh and to find natures little animals here and there.

This last week I screamed so loud I thought he neighbors would come running to make sure I was ok. I was pulling weeds in one of the flower beds when something jumped at me. I jumped back and screamed.

It was a road. Pretty good size but I’m sure I startled him just as much as he startled me. No one came running so the scream must have been louder in my head. The joy of outdoors.

The garden is looking really good.

Lots of great things coming up and doing what they do! Grow and produce veggies.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Please be safe out there. Watch for bikes and motorcycles. Watch for kids balls headed for the street. Be in the moments this weekend. Thank you all who served but most of all thank you to those that gave their lives so we could be live the way we do!

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow

Well mine grows in raised beds, buckets and in the ground! Finally got everything in the garden that I bought and still have room for a bit more :0)

7 different tomato plants have been put in buckets (they don’t like my raised beds), 1 cubanelle pepper, bok choy, Swiss chard, 5 different cucumber plants, artichokes, 3 different kinds of carrots, 3 different kinds of beets, 3 different kinds of radishes, butternut squash, a melon that I can’t recall the name of, two kinds of pop corn and a variety of herbs! That should keep me busy for the summer!

Then there is my mother in laws house where there are 6 more beds and pots of tomatoes and potato’s!

I’ll add more photos of her beds next time!

Gardening is a great work out! But man not having spring weather is hard on a person. Thank the lord for a cool shower and ice water! For muscle relaxers and the heating pad!

Now we water and wait!

Gardens are finally coming together

It has been crazy hot here in the 937 farmers almanac says we should be in the hi 60s, we were at 84 at one point when I looked and I’m sure it felt more like 95. Anyway, got my mother in laws beds all filled up

And got the potatoes planted over there and tonight I finally got some help to get dirt in my beds. I need about 10 more bags and I’ll be ready to plant

It’s hard work but it gives me great joy to watch it all grow! Hoping the rain holds out tomorrow till the late afternoon so I can get the rest of the dirt in my beds and get my little seedlings in the ground

I’ll let ya know how it goes!

Garden centers

Here in the 937 we have several garden centers to go to to get ideas and purchase plants. It’s still 2 weeks before we are safe to put things in the ground here in Ohio. The Garden Center I was at yesterday says May 15th is the last of the possible frost dates.

Anyway, I picked up a few flowers for the front pots

But the coolest part about going to Garden centers is getting ideas. A few years ago we got the idea to spray paint the tomato cages after going to Lowes and seeing all the colorful cages! Added a lot of color to the garden :0)

So far this has been the coolest thing I have seen at any of the Places I have been and what a great idea…

Turn your tomato cages upside down over your cucumber plants. They can vine up the cages. Game Changer! I’m so gonna try this and I have a few other thing for them to climb up when I get to planting.

Till next time…..happy gardening!

Finally a spring day!

What started out as a cool 56 degree morning turned into a beautiful spring day! I have been outside all morning and afternoon. 71 degrees in the 937 and I had to put short sleeves on (yeah, started in a sweat shirt.)

Today’s goal:

open the windows….check

Transplant the seedlings….check

Talk with the company that’s doing some yard work for us….check!

Man it feels good to get some dirt therapy in today!

So I movies the seedlings into cups as to give them some more room to take root. The cups we can reuse. There’s another month before we can get them in the spot they will live in.

I also found lots of containers to put the plants in that we will be digging up next week. We are putting in a bed in the front yard. Moving stuff from the back yard. Yes there will be photos! But that caused me to move stuff at the mother inlaws house to get to the containers I needed. So here is before and after. Yes I picked up the lid after I took the photo :0)

So glad we had a spring day. Only bad thing was a nail in my shoe that took pliers to get out. Thank heavens it went between my toes!

Can’t wait to get started on my next project next week….the back yard!

Spring is in the Air

Gave about a 5 minute walk thru the garden today. Talked about what I have in the works and how things have changed and are going to change this spring.

It’s 51 degrees here today and they are calling for snow tonight. Today is the first day of spring of course it’s gonna snow….Oy Vey.

did get a few more things planted yesterday.

Worked on a few more varieties of tomatoes and eggplant. In a few days we will have sprouts there too!

Dirt therapy is one of the best therapy’s there are!

Catch ya soon!

I’m ready for spring….

I had to get some plants in some dirt. I needed to feel something growing and watch it burst out of the ground. I got my wish..

That was after just three days. March 2nd I started sowing the seeds and by the 5th I had growth. Yesterday was the 17th and this is what I have.

15 days and I have sprouts everywhere. It’s looking like everything but the tomatoes will be ready soon….opppps however I’m going to put them in a bigger container till after Mother’s Day. Here in the 937 it’s not safe for them to be planted. We usually get just one more good frost right before Mother’s Day. Last year we planted a week before and lost two beds full of plants due to frost.

My cousins run a Facebook page called Beginner Foodie and I will be live streaming on there and sharing blog posts. Showing people how easy gardening can be and how they too can go Garden to table. For those of you finding my blog I hope you enjoy it as much as I like writing it.

Where has the time gone

I can’t believe that it’s been three months and 17 days sense my last blog….oppppps guess I should do better!

Lots of things going on. Training for my next 10k, garden is getting started and seedlings are growing more everyday. Going to be starting a new live Facebook chat in the next few weeks talking about my garden and how easy it is to have one :0) Well I think it is. My cousins think so too :0)

Spring brings out all the could be’s. Everything in the yard is waking up, the birds are singing there songs and I for one am filled with hope of a great garden season :0)

Here is what I’ve been up too the last few months…cold weather, Photography, learning my dulcimer, cooking, celebrating family bdays and Mr P. I’ll share the garden with you later :0)

Here’s too new adventures!