Jan 20 Family

Here it is the 21st of Jan already and as most of you can say 2013 is starting off fast as can be. I’m very fortunate that I have great friends and family to celebrate every day with.
Yesterday a dear friend (chosen family) asked me to take some pictures of her in exchange for some yoga classes. So I went and took one of her classes. She is teaching what they call Hot Yoga. The room is 95 degrees and I can safely say that every pore in my body sweated. OMG! Then I took some great new pictures of her. Can wait to edit them. Not sure I will do the Hot Yoga again but I will do yoga again.
I am looking forward to spending some time with the family this afternoon, my sister turns 40 in a few days do we are celebrating her bday today. Still not the same with out mom here ;0(
Have a great day world….I plan too!

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