Jan 24 what I know

Today I know that plankton are the bottom feeders of the world. As I was reading my geology I got to thinking about how a lot of times I feel like I the bottom of the food chain much like the plankton all though I have more them one cell lol.
I have been surrounding myself with people that help remind me that I matter. That I alone choice how to react to things. How its ok to let people get closer to me. Not everyone wants something really.
I am reminded daily that it is me that takes what you say and turns it into what ever it is I think you said even I that isn’t what you said at all. I need to let this go and listen with my ears and not my heart.
I am me and I ok. I am who no ands ifs or butts about it. Letting go of my past although to most isn’t so bad is very hard for me. These walls I built are slowly coming down due to believing in myself more and more everyday.
I will leave you with this


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