Jan 17 Life

As I sit here listening to the people around me I am listening differently. With this Comm Theory class that I am taking it is asking me to look at things thru other peoples eyes. There are some older gentle man sitting at the table next to me and they are talking about the doping charges for that bike guy (I know its Lance Armstrong) talking about how these bike guys are ruining the sport. You know they all take drugs….blah, blah, blah. Amazing to me how people only see the bad parts of a person. they never mentioned the foundation he has done so well raising money for. They didnt talk about the other sports that we all know that drugs are running through. Just amazing to me. Shouldn’t be but it is.
Enough of that :0)
I went to the gym yesterday. I have dropped another 4.5 pounds so for the year I have dropped 9.5 pounds. I am excited about that! I have 30.5 to go for my first major goal. That will be a go buy a new outfit goal :0)
I walked for 30 minutes and used all the work out machines except one. I started situps yesterday as well. I did 25 straight. That is good for me. Gonna get my ball out and try and increase by 5 or more everyday then add side bends. I worked my arms really well too. gotta get rid of the flab so when I wear my wife beater I am not flapping in the wind lol.
Food is getting better. Need to eat more times a day. Drink more water.
I got a massage yesterday as well. Felt good after my work out. Going to keep this up felt good.
Off to class I go!

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