Jan 14 day of fun

Most people wouldn’t think hanging with a 8 year old would be the ideal way I spend the day but they would be wrong. I had the pleasure of spending the day with my niece today. We had breakfast, went to the USAF Museum, (check out Mr Ps blog to see what we did) and had lunch all before her dad picked her up at 230. It was fun talking and laughing with her. She still thinks Aunt PP is cool! And we walked a lot! Bonus!
It was exactly what I needed today. All healthier choices for food today. Still need to drink a lot more water.
Got my blood work results back today. Looks like I have just a little high cholesterol but I think I can bring that down. Everything else seems to be in the middle range I am pretty happy about that. Going to talk to the Doc on the 21st about it.
School tomorrow so I guess I’ll hit the sack.
We did eat fresh today. Thank you Subway


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