Jan 15 Giving In

So there I was walking to my first class and the dang vending machine was calling my name. I have been craving Fritos, My worst snack really. I gave in. No will power this morning. Thats what happens when you forget to have your breakfast :0( I have learned from this experience and I will stay far away from these evil vending machines. I knew better but the cravings took over.
SO what did I learn from this. As much as I enjoyed the first bite, it really wasnt tasty as I wanted it to be. I know sounds crazy but with all the changing what I eat going on the stuff that I once really enjoyed…..I don’t so much anymore which is a really good thing. It also pretty much went right thru me.
Fritos I say good by to you for now till I can get myself under control. And vending machine, I am watching you sneaking up on me. There will be no more of that! I am control of me!

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