Finally 1 Pound

As the title of my blog states I finally lost a pound after 19 days.  I know the doctor said if I am feeling better and things are moving around then it is good…but we (women that is) know that the scale is our nemesis.  I am thankful that the pound is gone and is never allowed to return :0)

It has been a crappy week….truck issues, that caused money issues, that caused not being able to go the gym issues…but I am not letting that stop me.  Lucky for me the gym is already paid for and I can go up there and walk off my frustrations.  Felt good this morning to turn up the tunes and just walk.  So I will call this a win day and make it continue there my work day this afternoon.

I am making this dream a reality….

Till Next Time…..

One thought on “Finally 1 Pound

  1. 🙂 It’s all math. I had a hard time for many years until I found a tool that worked for me. I learned a lot.

    To lose a pound a week, you need to burn 500 calories more each day than you eat. If it takes longer than a week, it means that the difference between what you burn and what you eat is less than 500 calories. There will be some daily fluctuation for water weight issues, but over a longer period of time, things even out.

    So if you want to speed things up, you just need to increase that daily calorie deficit.

    Keep it up. I saw the post about the jacket – that’s just amazing. Stuff like that keeps a person motivated.

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