On the second day of change….

Wow day two and lets just say it was a tough one for me.  It started out really well.  Oat meal for breakfast. a 100 calorie pack for a snack, a salad with walnuts and blackberries for lunch, a couple little rice cakes, and then at 5 I was so hungry I could have chewed my arm off.  I grabbed some gum and that calmed the stomach till I got home at 730.  I gotta figure out a happy medium here for me.  I still have calories and I should have planned lunch different.  Any other day I can have like subway at 2 and not even be hungry really when I get home.

The weather didn’t help either.  It is snowing here so I don’t want to be out and what do I do, I don’t take the highway so I have to drive by like 20 Pizza places on the way home.  I was a good girl….I didnt want to be.  Fail on lunch but pass on driving by the Pizza places.

I still feel good about today I just need to find my happy medium.

On another note I may have a name for the tapeworm.  “Tippo.”  Tippo half tapeworm half hippo! Lol does that make him a hungry hungry hippo?

Till next time….

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