Day 1

Pretty productive day today. Went to the grocery and got stuff for lunch this week and got healthy snacks. got the laundry done and drank a lot of water today. I got on dads scale that only works half the time so I look forward to going to the gym and using their scale.
I fell good today had around 1100 calories…a little less but close to there. I didn’t feel very hungry today, that is a good thing.
I dug out the lunch box so I can pack tomorrow being I am working all day.
made veggie pasta for dinner. Added some garlic lemon chicken broccoli, cauliflower and carrots,k cooked with a little virgin olive oil. I’m not much of a veggie eater but it was pretty good.
I have decided not to carry anymore then a dollar with me in cash. That way I can’t use the vending machine.
SO mind wise I was good today. I even sat at my dads where the evil fudge brownies live and all the cookies that are still there from Christmas.
I did measure my body this morning. There is a whole lot of opportunity there for me to tone and lose weight. I tend to lose inches more so than weight and I am ok with that as well.
One day at a time and I must say day 1 went pretty well.
Gonna chill out and get ready for my first day back to work for 2012.

Till Next Time….

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