I’m ready for spring….

I had to get some plants in some dirt. I needed to feel something growing and watch it burst out of the ground. I got my wish..

That was after just three days. March 2nd I started sowing the seeds and by the 5th I had growth. Yesterday was the 17th and this is what I have.

15 days and I have sprouts everywhere. It’s looking like everything but the tomatoes will be ready soon….opppps however I’m going to put them in a bigger container till after Mother’s Day. Here in the 937 it’s not safe for them to be planted. We usually get just one more good frost right before Mother’s Day. Last year we planted a week before and lost two beds full of plants due to frost.

My cousins run a Facebook page called Beginner Foodie and I will be live streaming on there and sharing blog posts. Showing people how easy gardening can be and how they too can go Garden to table. For those of you finding my blog I hope you enjoy it as much as I like writing it.

Made vegetarian pulled pork

So I am not a vegetarian but the wife is. We thought we would give vegetarian pulled pork a  whirl. Well I cheated. I bought a bag of Morning Star pulled pork. Added a bottle of Stubbs Hickory Burbon sauce and thru it in the pressure cooker with a cup of veggie broth. Pushed the chicken button on the pressure cooker and waited for it to come up to the right pressure.  It cooked for 22 minutes. Released the pressure and…..

Smelled just like pulled pork! She ate two sandwiches:0) we will call this a keeper! What shall I make next?

After a family member passes

If you have a big family, when there has been a death in the family, there is always a big dinner after the funeral. Today’s dinner will be at my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sandy’s.
We started out with a big country breakfast.


All I can say is Yummy!
Then there is the prep….
She has on stuff to not get dirty…thanks Aunt Jan for helping.
Thanks Aunt Sandy for cooking with love!




Food and family! RIP Uncle Nick You will be missed!

Here is my dad and his brothers and sisters that were at the funeral.


Jan 18 the Grocery Store

Ok so they put the health fruit and veggies in the front of the store that is great…..Works well for me however You look in their ad and there is junk food in it.  You round the corner and instead of healthy choses you find sugar and carbohydrates that you don’t need to put in your pie hole.  The schools have takin the cookie away from the kids and the soda pop. That is a good thing but…..To buy juice for the child to drink costs twice as much.  WTH?  Eat more fresh veggies and leaner cuts of meat….Ok then lean some of the money off of these products.  Send out coupons that will encourage people to eat better instead of buy 2 for a better deal.  Why would the avg 2 person household need to buy two of anything really.  Stock up for a rainy day I suppose but why.  We never know what we are going too eat till its dinner time on most nights.

The good news is I only spent 137 dollars at the grocery and I did by fresh veggies and I did get some vegetarian dishes for my partner in crime but in the grand scheme of things I spent too much and I dint buy really any junk food.  A bag of veggie chips is the worse thing I can remember buying and she may or may not eat those I can’t remember.

I did learn that taking a list helps cut down the crap I use to buy.  Also reminds me to use my coupons!!!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is….Eating healthy should not cost more.  Mrs Obama where are you helping the avg person get healthy.  Its cheaper to buy fattening foods.  At least in the spring and summer I can grow my own veggies…..Thank god!

Have a great day everyone!

Tomorrow I think I am going to try Yoga!

Doing with-out then….

As we all know in our culture we celebrate everything with Food.  Promotion…..food…..graduation….food…Birthday….food.  Well my sister had a Bday this week and we as a family celebrated it yesterday.  Now I have spent 22 days trying to eat better and stay away from sweets for the most part.  I do love my Skinny Cows but why on Gods green earth did I think I could share a cupcake with my partner….BAD IDEA!  Now I want more.  I knew better but I let her talk me into just a bite.  Now I want another.  The good news is there are no more and I don’t have it in the house so I am saved there but I can’t stop thinking about it.

I know that I can have a treat now and then but I now know that cupcakes are more of my weakness then I thought.  Don’t worry my will power is strong but I will have to so not even smell them if they are passed my way…lol

All in all it was a good weekend.  I’ll post measurements later I just needed to vent on the cupcakes!

Till Next Time

On the second day of change….

Wow day two and lets just say it was a tough one for me.  It started out really well.  Oat meal for breakfast. a 100 calorie pack for a snack, a salad with walnuts and blackberries for lunch, a couple little rice cakes, and then at 5 I was so hungry I could have chewed my arm off.  I grabbed some gum and that calmed the stomach till I got home at 730.  I gotta figure out a happy medium here for me.  I still have calories and I should have planned lunch different.  Any other day I can have like subway at 2 and not even be hungry really when I get home.

The weather didn’t help either.  It is snowing here so I don’t want to be out and what do I do, I don’t take the highway so I have to drive by like 20 Pizza places on the way home.  I was a good girl….I didnt want to be.  Fail on lunch but pass on driving by the Pizza places.

I still feel good about today I just need to find my happy medium.

On another note I may have a name for the tapeworm.  “Tippo.”  Tippo half tapeworm half hippo! Lol does that make him a hungry hungry hippo?

Till next time….

Day 1

Pretty productive day today. Went to the grocery and got stuff for lunch this week and got healthy snacks. got the laundry done and drank a lot of water today. I got on dads scale that only works half the time so I look forward to going to the gym and using their scale.
I fell good today had around 1100 calories…a little less but close to there. I didn’t feel very hungry today, that is a good thing.
I dug out the lunch box so I can pack tomorrow being I am working all day.
made veggie pasta for dinner. Added some garlic lemon chicken broccoli, cauliflower and carrots,k cooked with a little virgin olive oil. I’m not much of a veggie eater but it was pretty good.
I have decided not to carry anymore then a dollar with me in cash. That way I can’t use the vending machine.
SO mind wise I was good today. I even sat at my dads where the evil fudge brownies live and all the cookies that are still there from Christmas.
I did measure my body this morning. There is a whole lot of opportunity there for me to tone and lose weight. I tend to lose inches more so than weight and I am ok with that as well.
One day at a time and I must say day 1 went pretty well.
Gonna chill out and get ready for my first day back to work for 2012.

Till Next Time….