Been a minute

Been awhile since I shared my thoughts. Not that I haven’t had many I just have kept to myself. No real reason why I just have. Maybe it has been from the lack of sun and no motivation.
I got back on the scale this week and I’m not very happy with myself. It’s not that bad but bad enough. I put 4 pounds back on. Hopefully with a bit of structure I can get those and more back off.
My bicycle is in the shop getting its spring tune up….started my calorie counting again…started using myfitnesspal again…..went back to the gym today…feeling good about it :0)
Just have to keep myself motivated that’s all. I can do this!
So here I go…..bring on the world!!!!!

Jan 18 the Grocery Store

Ok so they put the health fruit and veggies in the front of the store that is great…..Works well for me however You look in their ad and there is junk food in it.  You round the corner and instead of healthy choses you find sugar and carbohydrates that you don’t need to put in your pie hole.  The schools have takin the cookie away from the kids and the soda pop. That is a good thing but…..To buy juice for the child to drink costs twice as much.  WTH?  Eat more fresh veggies and leaner cuts of meat….Ok then lean some of the money off of these products.  Send out coupons that will encourage people to eat better instead of buy 2 for a better deal.  Why would the avg 2 person household need to buy two of anything really.  Stock up for a rainy day I suppose but why.  We never know what we are going too eat till its dinner time on most nights.

The good news is I only spent 137 dollars at the grocery and I did by fresh veggies and I did get some vegetarian dishes for my partner in crime but in the grand scheme of things I spent too much and I dint buy really any junk food.  A bag of veggie chips is the worse thing I can remember buying and she may or may not eat those I can’t remember.

I did learn that taking a list helps cut down the crap I use to buy.  Also reminds me to use my coupons!!!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is….Eating healthy should not cost more.  Mrs Obama where are you helping the avg person get healthy.  Its cheaper to buy fattening foods.  At least in the spring and summer I can grow my own veggies…..Thank god!

Have a great day everyone!

Tomorrow I think I am going to try Yoga!

Jan 17 Life

As I sit here listening to the people around me I am listening differently. With this Comm Theory class that I am taking it is asking me to look at things thru other peoples eyes. There are some older gentle man sitting at the table next to me and they are talking about the doping charges for that bike guy (I know its Lance Armstrong) talking about how these bike guys are ruining the sport. You know they all take drugs….blah, blah, blah. Amazing to me how people only see the bad parts of a person. they never mentioned the foundation he has done so well raising money for. They didnt talk about the other sports that we all know that drugs are running through. Just amazing to me. Shouldn’t be but it is.
Enough of that :0)
I went to the gym yesterday. I have dropped another 4.5 pounds so for the year I have dropped 9.5 pounds. I am excited about that! I have 30.5 to go for my first major goal. That will be a go buy a new outfit goal :0)
I walked for 30 minutes and used all the work out machines except one. I started situps yesterday as well. I did 25 straight. That is good for me. Gonna get my ball out and try and increase by 5 or more everyday then add side bends. I worked my arms really well too. gotta get rid of the flab so when I wear my wife beater I am not flapping in the wind lol.
Food is getting better. Need to eat more times a day. Drink more water.
I got a massage yesterday as well. Felt good after my work out. Going to keep this up felt good.
Off to class I go!

Jan 7 What a week

Here it is Monday and my to do list has been growing and growing.

School starts tomorrow and I went to print my syllabus’s and well lets just say it is going to be a long semester :0(

I am still struggling with water.  You would think tha tthat would ne an easy thing to do…I thougth it would be but it is not.  I need to come up with a better way.  I did put a water bottle in my book bag.  There is a water fountain near both my classes so I figure if I care the bottle I have to fill it up and drink it right.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.  Baby steps.

Last year I started sending random letters to friends and family memebers so that they recieved mail that wasnt a bill.  I did this all year last year and was suprised at how touched people were that they recieved a hand written note.  So I started it again this year.  My first letter went out this morning.

All in all I am doing well.  My photo a day is working well.  It has been fun and I have a few partners in crime that help me out.  You can check out the pictures a day at the top of the screen or you can check out my littel buddys blog at

Ill update you on how the classes are going soon.

Wish me luck on the water and with school!


Sunday Jan 6

Did better on my water intake yesterday. Was one glass short of my goal. Could have tried to chug it down but didn’t. You would think water would be easy to consume. I did however drink a liter of Dr Pepper. Too much salt I know. Did really good till I went to the party last night. Really need to use a glass and not drink out of the bottle. If the bottle sits there I drink it. So note to self…..Cary your glass and stop drinking out of the bottle. :0). Bum hoping I listen.

Did better eating yesterday. Need to get my proteins up but my carbs were lower. Gonna try and get my pie charts too look better.

So what are these pie charts? Well I have been keeping track of my food on an app on my touch. It’s called MyFitnessPal. Seems to be pretty accurate and has been fun to work with. They make an App for everything lol. The graph shows protein, carbs, and fat. I know I eat way to many carbs but….it is interesting to see just how much it all adds up too at the end of the day. Also been watching my vitamins. Started taking a multi vitamin. I’m not eating nearly enough stuff that has the daily recommended amounts. If I wanna give blood I need to get these numbers up :0)
So we will see what the day brings me today.

Let’s see what today brings!

Live well and drink water!

Today 3 Jan 2013

Well I am still doing bad with water. Guess I will turn the app back on to remind me :0(

I did go get re-enrolled in the gym today. Even signed up for the pool benefits. Came home started laundry, found my swim suit and packed it in a bag to take to the gym. I got on e treadmill for 10 minutes….gotta start somewhere. I managed to step on the scale while I was there. Seems like I have dropped a few pounds in the last 2 weeks. 6.5 pounds. We will call that a big win!!!!! I was just trying to eat better. Shows me at with a little help I can drop even more.

I’m not sure what my goal on this is gonna be. I may just go a pound at a time. I know I want to be under 200 pound. So that is my first goal. To be under that by the end of the year (really before the end of the year but we will start with a big goal first.)

So today I have eaten breakfast and lunch and had a snack, usually I skip one or both of these. Going to have asparagus wraps for dinner. Use my popcorn popper Santa brought me and call it a night.

Here is to another day of doing better for me!

What I wanna get done in 2013

So here I sit on the second day of 2013 and I have a few moments for myself so I thought I would jot down a few things I would like to see happen in 2013.

1) First off I am going to blog at least once a week…More if I can           2) Take a picture of Mr P everyday for a year.  He is my traveling companion and yes it is Mr Potato Head.    3) Eat Better            4) Get back in the gym       5) Walk the 5k breast cancer walk in Oct        6) Ride my bike more             7) Lower my BP   8) Write a letter ever month. This was a hit last year so I am going to do it again :0)        9) DRINK MORE WATER. There is an app for that…waterlogged. It reminds you to drink water at all the times you want and even keeps track for you what you consume in the day!

Those are the first 9 off the top of my head. All doable and with in my grasp.  Check back with me and see how I am doing.  Blogs could go in all kinds of direction.  Thinking maybe even a video blog from time to time.  We will see if I can fit that in.  I just wanna get back to taking care of me and sharing y story where I can and really just blow off some steam if I need to.

I will leave you with this:  Always remember you are braver than you believe, Stronger then you seem, and Smarter than you think!!

Peace and Love,


I have not fallen off the wagon

Sorry for the silence fellow bloggers and readers.  I have been knee deep in paper writing and family drama.  That leaves little time for blogging so I will try and catch up.

Family drama—Well seems my partner has decided that we should no longer be together.  This has upped my gym time.  Poor Treadmill has had my name all over it.  Which caused a 3.5 inch drop off my body this week.  I really need to get on the scale.  Maybe Wednesday.

So here are the numbers

-.5 inchs off my neck sense Jan 1

-2 inches off my Chest (that could have stayed LOL)

-1.25 inches off my abs

-6.5 off my hips

-1.5 off my thighs

gained 1 inch on my biceps :0)

So all together I have lost 11.75 inches..that is with a few weeks of up and downs!

Those are inches I will never see again on my body.

Hope you all have a great day!  Ill be back with you after midterms!


The Scale

I haven’t been on one going two weeks due to a few things….one I don’t have one at home and two my doc said if the inches are coming off don’t worry so much about the scale.  So I have been putting it off.  Maybe next week I will get on the scale at the gym.  However a friend of mine posted this picture and I wanted to share it with you all.

If I had a scale I would be writing this on it today!

Be true to you !

Till Next Time….


31 Days In

After 31 days I am eating better and feeling better health wise but I feel a bit unsettled.  I am still losing inches and I am very thankful for that.  If I didn’t tell you all I am down another inch.   Happy noises go here!  Still only the 4 pounds and I guess I should be thankful for that.  I know what the problem is.  I am not drinking enough water, changing that.  I got a water bottle :0)  If I have it with me I will drink it.  That and I eat to many carbohydrates.  I know this about me.  One change at a time.

I have had a great month.  I am feeling good and looking thinner.  I have a few new projects in the works.  I got my taxes done today.  usually this is a big event that takes place the day before they are due.  So thankful that is over and I got my financial aid paperwork done today as well.  that is the way to end January.  On a positive note!

I am ready for February.  One day at a time.  One step and one breathe……that’s how I am gonna roll!

Till Next Time……