Today 3 Jan 2013

Well I am still doing bad with water. Guess I will turn the app back on to remind me :0(

I did go get re-enrolled in the gym today. Even signed up for the pool benefits. Came home started laundry, found my swim suit and packed it in a bag to take to the gym. I got on e treadmill for 10 minutes….gotta start somewhere. I managed to step on the scale while I was there. Seems like I have dropped a few pounds in the last 2 weeks. 6.5 pounds. We will call that a big win!!!!! I was just trying to eat better. Shows me at with a little help I can drop even more.

I’m not sure what my goal on this is gonna be. I may just go a pound at a time. I know I want to be under 200 pound. So that is my first goal. To be under that by the end of the year (really before the end of the year but we will start with a big goal first.)

So today I have eaten breakfast and lunch and had a snack, usually I skip one or both of these. Going to have asparagus wraps for dinner. Use my popcorn popper Santa brought me and call it a night.

Here is to another day of doing better for me!

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