Sunday Jan 6

Did better on my water intake yesterday. Was one glass short of my goal. Could have tried to chug it down but didn’t. You would think water would be easy to consume. I did however drink a liter of Dr Pepper. Too much salt I know. Did really good till I went to the party last night. Really need to use a glass and not drink out of the bottle. If the bottle sits there I drink it. So note to self…..Cary your glass and stop drinking out of the bottle. :0). Bum hoping I listen.

Did better eating yesterday. Need to get my proteins up but my carbs were lower. Gonna try and get my pie charts too look better.

So what are these pie charts? Well I have been keeping track of my food on an app on my touch. It’s called MyFitnessPal. Seems to be pretty accurate and has been fun to work with. They make an App for everything lol. The graph shows protein, carbs, and fat. I know I eat way to many carbs but….it is interesting to see just how much it all adds up too at the end of the day. Also been watching my vitamins. Started taking a multi vitamin. I’m not eating nearly enough stuff that has the daily recommended amounts. If I wanna give blood I need to get these numbers up :0)
So we will see what the day brings me today.

Let’s see what today brings!

Live well and drink water!

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