A New Year!

I can’t even believe that it is 2014 all ready. Where did last year go?
I accomplished several things last year…..Another year of school over, deans list both times, 2 homes painted and re organized, moved, walked a lot more. Mostly tried to be better to me. I am looking forward to what this year has to offer.
I want to continue taking better care of me. I am going to be a college graduate by May. Im going to travel a bit this year. Going to get back to walking more and riding my bike!!
Im going to continue my bog. Maybe not every single day but i have enjoyed doing it. It also appears that Mr P is a hit amongst my friends.
The snow is coming down today in the 937. It looks beautiful outside. I have been out and about and the roads are not too bad really, side street are bad but if you take your time you can get where your going with little trouble.
My wish for you is that we continue on this journey. Keep our heads up high and take on every day a breath at a time.
Welcome to 2014!
Let do this!

Jan 18 the Grocery Store

Ok so they put the health fruit and veggies in the front of the store that is great…..Works well for me however You look in their ad and there is junk food in it.  You round the corner and instead of healthy choses you find sugar and carbohydrates that you don’t need to put in your pie hole.  The schools have takin the cookie away from the kids and the soda pop. That is a good thing but…..To buy juice for the child to drink costs twice as much.  WTH?  Eat more fresh veggies and leaner cuts of meat….Ok then lean some of the money off of these products.  Send out coupons that will encourage people to eat better instead of buy 2 for a better deal.  Why would the avg 2 person household need to buy two of anything really.  Stock up for a rainy day I suppose but why.  We never know what we are going too eat till its dinner time on most nights.

The good news is I only spent 137 dollars at the grocery and I did by fresh veggies and I did get some vegetarian dishes for my partner in crime but in the grand scheme of things I spent too much and I dint buy really any junk food.  A bag of veggie chips is the worse thing I can remember buying and she may or may not eat those I can’t remember.

I did learn that taking a list helps cut down the crap I use to buy.  Also reminds me to use my coupons!!!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is….Eating healthy should not cost more.  Mrs Obama where are you helping the avg person get healthy.  Its cheaper to buy fattening foods.  At least in the spring and summer I can grow my own veggies…..Thank god!

Have a great day everyone!

Tomorrow I think I am going to try Yoga!

Jan 11 the day

As most days go today was rather boring. I wasn’t feeling so hot so I didn’t over due anything. Got a bit of homework done hung out with the dogs. Tonight we had left overs and watched a movie. The Amazing Spider-Man. Was actually a really well done film. I could even watch it again.
Been thinking a lot about my mom today. She’s been gone almost 6 years and I miss her every single day.
I’m going to try and sleep my thoughts away tonight. We will see where that gets me.
Good night world!!!

What Else I think today

I got new glasses yesterday.  Normally that be a big deal but I am amazed at the fact that I can actually see better.  I knew I needed readers, I do a lot of computer and close up work but I also had to get a bit of help with my distance.  I can see things don’t get me wrong but, I can now see them clearly :0)  Didn’t even know this was a problem.

Had my first lab today.  Geology my old friend is back again.  This time with more historical things for me to learn.  Keeping finger crossed.  However I am going to need to get a smaller group.  One of the guys is great and the other two are just waiting for someone to give them the answer.  This could be bad.  First lab and only one question confused me.  That is progress being I didn’t get most of the last labs till the end :0)

Why don’t people talk in the elevator?  Is it because they have nothing to say or the fact that they think the other person really doesn’t care what they have to say.  I am a talker.  I talk to who ever when ever really.  Just in general stuff…what floor, have a good day.  I even say good morning to my fellow class mates as they com in the door to class.  I think this is a good thing and I am not going to change that.  Not one bit.  As a matter of fact I may even do it more :0)

I am really enjoying my picture a day assignment!  Mr P and I are making our rounds.  Thinking he may need to go on a vacation with someone…where should he go?

Well I am making tacos for dinner tonight.  Guess I should go get that ready!

I need to make me the change!  Make a difference!

Jan 10 What I Think

I have lived in Ohio my whole life.  I have traveled to many beautiful places and seen a lot of things.  What I can not understand is that here in Ohio the weather its self can change in a matter of days or even in minutes.  Last week we had snow and tomorrow it is going to be 63 degrees they say.  If that’s
not global warming I don’t know what it is.

I got to school this morning a bit earlier then expected so I got a better parking spot. Well I think it is.  We will see when I go to leave later.  Thursday is my long day but not as long as last semester.  I have my geology lab today.  These always help to explain the foreign language that the class seems to be speaking.  It is interesting to me to see how one minute I really don’t get it and the next a light bulb goes off and just like the big bang…..BAM!  We can only hope the Bam comes quick.

At home there are usually 2 dogs, Maggie and Luna.  They are visiting their other mother this week and it has been really quiet in the house.  Kinda creepy really.  I look forward to their return tomorrow.  They seem to keep things calm at the house.

I received a new potato head yesterday.  Kim and the kids got him for me.  He is a little tater.  Not sure what to name him yet but he is dressed like Elvis :0)  Of course they had bengal ones on sale at Kroger so I got one of those while I was there.  Maybe I need an intervention. Na he makes for a great blog.  If you havent checked it out you really should: www.mrpsadventures.wordpress.com

Guess I should find some breakfast before I get this party started …….LOL

Have a great day!

Jan 9 Homework and life

New Semester New Work :0(

It’s really not that bad yet but it has potential to be.  Just gotta stay on my game, I can do this right?  Right!

Last month I went to the eye doctor and found out I need bifocals.  Sign of getting old.  Or as I like to say staring at the computer way too much…lol  I picked them up today and I really can’t believe what a difference that they are making.  I can see the computer now up close instead of having to lean back…who knew.

Still not doing what I want with the water which is my own fault. Just need to do it.  I will get better and I will be stronger for me.  On the 21st I have a Doc appointment to get meds refilled so I went and had my blood drawn for a full panel of things.  I will have those results the first of next week.  Will be interesting to see where all my levels are.

Well Back to the homework I go!

Till next time….

Jan 8 A new semester

Looks like I will be attending college another semester….YEAH!  I am trying to be excited.  I have never been the school kinda person.  Socially yes I am so there but academically….Not so much.  It’s not that I am doing bad, I just feel like I have to do better.  My own worse enemy really.

I could download one of the syllabus’ I need. The study guide is a crossword puzzle.  I am not a fan of these at all. But they are worth extra credit and I need all the extra credit I can get.

I will arrive early.  I hate to be late.  It all going to be ok.  I have my bag packed except for snacks and all is well.

So off I go.  I’ll let ya know how it goes!

Jan 7 What a week

Here it is Monday and my to do list has been growing and growing.

School starts tomorrow and I went to print my syllabus’s and well lets just say it is going to be a long semester :0(

I am still struggling with water.  You would think tha tthat would ne an easy thing to do…I thougth it would be but it is not.  I need to come up with a better way.  I did put a water bottle in my book bag.  There is a water fountain near both my classes so I figure if I care the bottle I have to fill it up and drink it right.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.  Baby steps.

Last year I started sending random letters to friends and family memebers so that they recieved mail that wasnt a bill.  I did this all year last year and was suprised at how touched people were that they recieved a hand written note.  So I started it again this year.  My first letter went out this morning.

All in all I am doing well.  My photo a day is working well.  It has been fun and I have a few partners in crime that help me out.  You can check out the pictures a day at the top of the screen or you can check out my littel buddys blog at mrpsadventures.wordpress.com.

Ill update you on how the classes are going soon.

Wish me luck on the water and with school!


Sunday Jan 6

Did better on my water intake yesterday. Was one glass short of my goal. Could have tried to chug it down but didn’t. You would think water would be easy to consume. I did however drink a liter of Dr Pepper. Too much salt I know. Did really good till I went to the party last night. Really need to use a glass and not drink out of the bottle. If the bottle sits there I drink it. So note to self…..Cary your glass and stop drinking out of the bottle. :0). Bum hoping I listen.

Did better eating yesterday. Need to get my proteins up but my carbs were lower. Gonna try and get my pie charts too look better.

So what are these pie charts? Well I have been keeping track of my food on an app on my touch. It’s called MyFitnessPal. Seems to be pretty accurate and has been fun to work with. They make an App for everything lol. The graph shows protein, carbs, and fat. I know I eat way to many carbs but….it is interesting to see just how much it all adds up too at the end of the day. Also been watching my vitamins. Started taking a multi vitamin. I’m not eating nearly enough stuff that has the daily recommended amounts. If I wanna give blood I need to get these numbers up :0)
So we will see what the day brings me today.

Let’s see what today brings!

Live well and drink water!

Jan 5 What’s on my kind

As I laid in bed this morning I got to thinking about how many things I want to change this year. My weight for starters.
I went to give blood yesterday something I want to start doing this year and my red blood cell count was low. I can try again in 4 weeks. They gave me a list of things to eat to get it up :0( I will try again.
My picture a day is working quite nicely if I do say so myself. It’s fun and starting to get a following.
Still need to drink more water. But don’t we all.
Guess I should get busy this morning. I’ll try and blog more later.

2013 is my year