What would I do if I wasn’t afraid….

As I was talking with a co worker today about things I want to see change in 2012 she asked me a very interesting question……….What would you do if you weren’t afraid? I had no answer at the time but have been thinking about it since then. So here are a few of my thoughts on this:

-If I weren’t afraid of what people thought of me I would let people see the real me.
-if I weren’t afraid of failing I would already have my own studio and be doing what I love to do for myself.
-if I weren’t afraid to share my feelings with people they might actually know me better
-if I weren’t afraid of getting my heart broken I would let people closer to me
-if I weren’t afraid of the unknown I would be able to let go and not always have to know what will happen next.
-if I weren’t afraid of death I could accept the fact that I’m not going to be around forever and start telling people in my life what they mean to me(I have been working on this one)
-if I weren’t afraid of going places by myself I would get to see more things, ex. art museums, parks
-If I weren’t afraid of change I would have already finished school, stuck with my weight loss goals, being big I just kinda blend in stay out of the spot light. So now that I have a plan I’m going to change this :0)

There this is a good start to this list. At least all I’ll bore you with tonight ;0)

Till next time…….

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