A pop of color..

Today was full of looking around trying to find the perfect…..pop of color. As luck would have it in Ohio we got a few inches of snow, so spotting color became more interesting for me. First I found this…

I thought to myself that’s ok but I can find something else.
Pulled in the driveway to see this…

Better but still not what I was really looking for. What does a photographer do when they want to find the right shot during a small snow storm…they bundle up and head outside :0)
Which turned into this..


I had my trusty companion with me as well for some fun…

I thought about cropping the cardinal picture but thought the branches helped frame him. What are your thoughts?


What an interesting word, mystery. This one took me some time to think about. This picture makes me wonder what she is wishing with her magic dust…

Then there is this shot….

Makes me wonder one….where does this path lead and secondly…..I wonder what kind of conversations happen on these benches.
But lastly I wonder what they are dreaming of…

There is the true mystery!


So many ideas went through my brain as I was thinking about our the word of the day. Here in Ohio I saw my first snow flakes of the year as I was running errands this morning. The thought of this just makes me cold. When I opened the front door I saw this on the couch….

It’s one of the clan all curled up on the couch with her favorite blanket and her sweater on. Snug as a bug in a rug :0)
The warmth of a smile is also a good one for this…there’s just something about a happy dog that warms your heart!

I may love the fur kids….just saying
But what really shows warmth to me is to capture moments like this…

This was from my nieces Jr. Prom this last spring. Cute kids :0) I may be a bit bias.
These are just a few of the things that show warmth to me. What about you?

The Natural World….

One thing is for certain the sunset is about as natural as one can get…..

The different colors that it makes depending on the time of year and the weather. That picture was taken in Florida this spring. The colors where amazing.
As I was sitting in the car last night waiting for the light to change I was reminded that really rain is natural too.

One last thing….in the daylight, with the rain, if you are patient and watching you could just see this….

The next picture is a path I take a few times a year. See the natural curls of the branches and the path that has been warn down by my fellow walkers.

Get out and find something Natural!

Today’s word is Landmark

I am a visual person as most people that love photography are. Which mean if you hand me written directions I might need a navigator to read them to me as I drive. How ever if you say turn right at the Dairy Queen I’ll get there a lot faster.
With today being Veterans Day I stopped at one of the landmarks I use to get people to my home…

This is the Veterans Memorial in Beavercreek, Ohio. I love the way the bush in the front of the monument looks like a heart. This memorial reminds me everyday to be thankful for the freedoms that I have.
For those serving and to those who have served I thank you!

Today’s word is connect

So here in Ohio I get the word for the photo a day at like 8pm EST, which means it gives me the night to think about the word and then I spend the morning trying to figure out what I want to do with it.
Connect to me is having my camera with me and capturing what I feel and/or think about something.

That’s the Lego version of me. I’m a big kid :0) I take pics with her to show things that I don’t want to be in the picture in.
I also have another way I connect and that’s with my pal….

Mr P. And I do a kids blog. Helps me connect with my nieces. If you wanna check it out its at http://www.mrpsadventures.com
But my everyday connect is this

Gotta stay in the loop. This is the front of my iPhone 5c and there is another page of apps. Not counting the 100s of tried and didn’t like. Gotta check things during the day.
Here’s to staying connected!

Day 5 Solitude

Webster defines solitude as the quality or state of being alone or remote from society.
I recently went to DC and spent some time at Arlington. I got there when it first opened and there were very few people there. I spent a few hours walking around and enjoying the quite of this cemetery. This place touched me in a way that I can’t even explain. As I looked around I saw this and had to take the shot….

If you get the opportunity to go to Arlington National Cemetery don’t take the tram around the cemetery, take a walk.
I got there first and the solitude of the Honor Guard walking the Tomb of the Unknown Solider is so humbling….

But I have one more to share…

Being by yourself and just listening to the world around you and what is inside you is the best medicine.

Day 4 Bliss

This word got me to thinking about what truely makes me happy. There are so many things really.
The first picture is of one of my sisters and I enjoying a day at the amusement park…

Not able to ad a caption because I’m using the Wp on the go app. But really how often do you get chased by a dinosaur and get to stop for a selfie :0)
But today my bliss comes from something different. Something more for just me…..

My happy spot. Kicked back in the recliner with my feet up and crossed ready sit back and have some me time. Got my little computer up and ready to log in to see what my fellow photo bloggers have chosen for there Bliss picture. My phone incase I need to make a call, a magazine to read when I’m done with the computer and my gummy bears to get me thru the afternoon, and my pizza lego guy to remind me there is left over pizza for lunch in the fridge :0)
One last thing to share….I shot a wedding last month and got this…..

Watching the bliss of the day reminds me of why I enjoy weddings. To me it’s about the commitment. The ring to me is a reminder of that bliss.
I believe bliss comes from inside you and can change many times and in many ways. The world can cause a lot of not so blissful moments but we should try and find the bliss inside our selves so we can make it thru.
What does bliss mean to you?

Day 3 Water

Today’s word is water. When I think of this word I am reminded of long baths, hot showers, walks in the rain, swimming, fishing, drinking (water that is), the sprinkler in the yard, water ballon fights and the ocean. But what picture should I share with you today….
I have this one from a month or so ago that shows the fun of water.

You should never miss an opportunity to make a memory with a child.
But today I am reminded that water is what keeps our body hydrated.

Every system in your body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells, and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues. (mayoclinic.org)
Although not proven the average person has been taught that 8 glasses of water a day is what you should should drink….but all fluid count, water just helps flush out the bad stuff.
Drink up friends!

Day 2 Street

Today we were asked to think about the word street. Here is one of my favorites….

This is the street I grew up on. You can see the front of my car as I head down the street. To the left is the house I grew up in and on the right is the street light that I told time from. As long as the light wasn’t on I could be anywhere on the block. But when the light came on I had better have been on that front porch or I was spending the next few days in the house.
The houses around my parents home were full of people that I have fond memories of. There is the neighbor that carried me home when I fell off my bike and broke my arm (not sure who was crying harder me or her), or the man I called Grandpa that I watched every Cincinnati Reds game that was televised with from the age of 9 till I moved away from home. Most of them have moved on to the afterlife but they played an important roll in my childhood.
This picture brings a lot memories great for me.