This was a rough one for me. That’s why it’s a day late…sorry about that.
I thought hard on what I could do for this challenge and it hit me….a selfie!

My double! This is my oldest niece and when while she has been growing up her pictures look just liked when I was little! So they all her mini me.


This was an easy one for me today. Although the picture is not great it was a triumph.

My first ever from scratch pecan pie!


This one took me a minute. I started out with one idea that totally changed when reading the assignment again.
Being I have been helping prepare dinner for tomorrow I thought you would find this interesting….

She was so funny.
But my first thought turned to cutting edge which is where I started my morning.

I stopped in to see the guys at Proto Build Bar in Dayton Ohio. This is there Huge Claw machine. It has been to the Super Bowl, Vegas and a few other well known venues!
Cutting edge technology right in my hometown!


I get the word of the day at 8pm my time so I get a little bit of time to think about it before I shoot. As I went to warm up the car this morning I saw this….

The reflection on the glass of my truck was amazing this morning so I had to share!
This weekend I took this shot and thought it would be interesting….

What do you think?


Another great word.
One of my greatest treasures is my family and I love that I can set a self timer and get in pictures with them…

Of course with Christmas right around the corner I had to do this with one of my Shelties.

She’s a good spot.
This is Nanny.

FAIRFIELDCOMMON_20121209_000018 tu.jpg
Although I did not take this picture it is one of my dearest treasures. Nanny is no longer with us but the story behind this picture is worth more then any amount of money. On this cold Dec afternoon went to I picked up Nanny and take her to the mall. She had tried everything to get her daughter to call and cancel our plans. Her daughter did not call. I pulled up and we got Nan ready to go out. When she stepped out and saw my truck she asked if we were riding in that. I said yes and she said well then let’s go (I have an Orange Chevy Colorado.) We stopped at Macy’s and wrote letters to Santa, got hot pretzels and made our way to see Santa. Nanny had never sat on Santa’s lap so I was going to make sure that happened! As we stood in line to see Santa Nanny told a little girl that she had seen 99 Christmases. To my knowledge Nan never told anyone how old she was, especially strangers. I’m not 100% sure what she whispered in Santa’s ear but the picture they took that day is priceless. We had pictures printed to put in her Christmas card when we got home. Nan passed a few days later. The joyful part was her friends got the picture of her enjoying life at 99. What a great treasure I have!

Another look at Swarm

So I couldn’t find this picture yesterday…

These little boogers scared the crap out of me. I opened the car door, started screaming beeeeeeeeees and took off running. my neighbor says “I never saw you run so fast”. My response was I’ve never been chased by a bunch of yellow jackets before. Let me just say this….I did not get one sting. I’m guessing that wasn’t Gods plan :0) (towels off forehead)


Still cold here in the 937 I went out to get the mail and got this shot…

Really glad I’m not in NY where they have gotten feet of snow….if you are there stay warm :0)
So I thought I’d look for something a bit more interesting from the past few months and thought I’d share this….

A little grainy but ok I think.
What landscape can you share?


As it is too cold to try to find a swarm of anything where I live I had to try and find a picture that would work of this.  As luck would have it I went to the mall to try to find a swarm of kids waiting for Santa and I got nothing :0(  Guess its too cold.  So I looked through some vacation pics from this past May and found this swarm of Violin Crabs. This was on Sanibel Island in Florida.

Violin Crabs doing what they do

Ill try and revisit this word again.


There are many moments in a day. I thought and thought about this word and then it hit me…a moment is just that. So today I share with you this moment from my day.



Where I live they have a Waffle Shop at the Christ Episcopal Church and the proceeds go to feed the less fortunate. The Mayor of Dayton was there making waffles. This is my second year going to this event and I may go back tomorrow :0)
So my moment today was all about a great waffle.


With it being so cold here in the 937 I had a few issues getting out and about today. I was in more of cleaning mood. (Maybe that’s why it’s so cold lol) I did have to take a friend to the airport today so I saw this….

Not one of my best shots but it does show a really cool watch/communication tower at the Dayton International Airport. Can’t stop to long or the police run you off…so I stopped the car, jumped out, took the picture, jumped back in and took off…lol
So as I was moving stuff around I thought what does architecture really mean.
Webster subscribes it as the art and science of building or formation or construction resulting from or as if from a conscious act. This lead me to a photo I took yesterday in our snow storm.

When we bought the house we looked for the perfect spot for our flag. I think this placement works well .
Of course here we have metro architecture as well.

Every where you look there is something that was constructed in some form or another.
What will you create?