Today’s word is connect

So here in Ohio I get the word for the photo a day at like 8pm EST, which means it gives me the night to think about the word and then I spend the morning trying to figure out what I want to do with it.
Connect to me is having my camera with me and capturing what I feel and/or think about something.

That’s the Lego version of me. I’m a big kid :0) I take pics with her to show things that I don’t want to be in the picture in.
I also have another way I connect and that’s with my pal….

Mr P. And I do a kids blog. Helps me connect with my nieces. If you wanna check it out its at
But my everyday connect is this

Gotta stay in the loop. This is the front of my iPhone 5c and there is another page of apps. Not counting the 100s of tried and didn’t like. Gotta check things during the day.
Here’s to staying connected!

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