A pop of color..

Today was full of looking around trying to find the perfect…..pop of color. As luck would have it in Ohio we got a few inches of snow, so spotting color became more interesting for me. First I found this…

I thought to myself that’s ok but I can find something else.
Pulled in the driveway to see this…

Better but still not what I was really looking for. What does a photographer do when they want to find the right shot during a small snow storm…they bundle up and head outside :0)
Which turned into this..


I had my trusty companion with me as well for some fun…

I thought about cropping the cardinal picture but thought the branches helped frame him. What are your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “A pop of color..

  1. great job! your photos make me love winter even more than i already do. i need to get a bird feeder by the house. cardinals are so beautiful!

      • Stay tuned!

        My Ellie girl is a little weird but she is a very nice companion. She is very shy around new people and environments and is therefore terrified of walking. Thats my weird dog! A dog that does not walk.

      • I think it’s a Shelties thing. I have 2 one that is beyond shy around anyone that’s my Maggie she will walk but if anyone gets close she will trip me trying to get away. Luna just is scared till you sit down then she is an attention whore :0)

      • Awwww. Ellie wont leave the house on any summer’s day: bicycles, strangers, kids screaming, none of it. But when it is -30C in the winter at 6AM and not a soul is in the park? She is all for it!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the comment on my architecture photo. I too saw the juxtaposition of the traditional and communication architecture in the photo. I also wanted to chime in on your Cardinal photo. I love the effect of the branches in your composition. I think it makes the bird more special, because you have to look through the tree to see it! Lovely snow storm. … I’m sure looking forward to playing with my camera when it gets snowy here, too.

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