There are many moments in a day. I thought and thought about this word and then it hit me…a moment is just that. So today I share with you this moment from my day.



Where I live they have a Waffle Shop at the Christ Episcopal Church and the proceeds go to feed the less fortunate. The Mayor of Dayton was there making waffles. This is my second year going to this event and I may go back tomorrow :0)
So my moment today was all about a great waffle.

13 thoughts on “Moment

    • Thank you! The poor ladies that were making the waffles were like you wanna what…..I did the whole explaining it for a blog and hey all looked at me like I had ten heads. But that’s ok I got my shot :0)

      • I’ve been surprised by how scared I am to get out in public and take shots. For the architecture shot, I sat in my car for like 10 minutes once I got there, trying to talk myself into getting out of the car. It was on a really busy street during morning rush. I didn’t take my tripod because i thought it would draw too much attention. Now I really regret that decision. Being fearful is one thing in this whole month that has taken me off guard.

      • My Philosophy is to just do it. But then again I take a camera of some sort anywhere anyway. I learned a long time ago to keep walking around till I see my shot and he zero in on it. I hope these assignments help you get over your fear )

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