Finally a spring day!

What started out as a cool 56 degree morning turned into a beautiful spring day! I have been outside all morning and afternoon. 71 degrees in the 937 and I had to put short sleeves on (yeah, started in a sweat shirt.)

Today’s goal:

open the windows….check

Transplant the seedlings….check

Talk with the company that’s doing some yard work for us….check!

Man it feels good to get some dirt therapy in today!

So I movies the seedlings into cups as to give them some more room to take root. The cups we can reuse. There’s another month before we can get them in the spot they will live in.

I also found lots of containers to put the plants in that we will be digging up next week. We are putting in a bed in the front yard. Moving stuff from the back yard. Yes there will be photos! But that caused me to move stuff at the mother inlaws house to get to the containers I needed. So here is before and after. Yes I picked up the lid after I took the photo :0)

So glad we had a spring day. Only bad thing was a nail in my shoe that took pliers to get out. Thank heavens it went between my toes!

Can’t wait to get started on my next project next week….the back yard!

Where has the time gone

I can’t believe that it’s been three months and 17 days sense my last blog….oppppps guess I should do better!

Lots of things going on. Training for my next 10k, garden is getting started and seedlings are growing more everyday. Going to be starting a new live Facebook chat in the next few weeks talking about my garden and how easy it is to have one :0) Well I think it is. My cousins think so too :0)

Spring brings out all the could be’s. Everything in the yard is waking up, the birds are singing there songs and I for one am filled with hope of a great garden season :0)

Here is what I’ve been up too the last few months…cold weather, Photography, learning my dulcimer, cooking, celebrating family bdays and Mr P. I’ll share the garden with you later :0)

Here’s too new adventures!


In the WordPress world I am going to try and do the photo101 challenge.

Here is what I call home….

It’s all about chilling with the dogs and just being!

Thanks for taking a look!


Gotta love….

Today was another adventure with Christmas dinner and I got to make the fruit plate with the help of the neighbor. Grapes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blue berries, and banana.

It’s always fun to make the family laugh when they come to the table!
I have loved looking thru Pinterest and making all kinds of fun things for the holidays.
Making memories with the family is always fun!

Making memories

I spent the day with my niece today. We ran errands, had dinner, sat on Santas lap, and made cookies. Here is how it shook down.





What great fun! More cookie tomorrow!

After a family member passes

If you have a big family, when there has been a death in the family, there is always a big dinner after the funeral. Today’s dinner will be at my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sandy’s.
We started out with a big country breakfast.


All I can say is Yummy!
Then there is the prep….
She has on stuff to not get dirty…thanks Aunt Jan for helping.
Thanks Aunt Sandy for cooking with love!




Food and family! RIP Uncle Nick You will be missed!

Here is my dad and his brothers and sisters that were at the funeral.



I had told you about going to grandma and grandpas house but I have another story to share. As I am the oldest of the family I have learned that sometimes just taking a day and listening is well worth what you learn.
As I posted yesterday I had an uncle pass and I have got to spend time with family that I don’t normally get to see. Which is great. We are all sad for my aunt and cousins as one would expect. My uncle Nick was a great guy.
There is a happy note to this story….I got to spend the last 30+ hours talking with my dad. Sure I talk to him every day about what’s going on and stuff but I haven’t really talked to him in a long time.
We talked about old churches we went to as I was growing up, how he met some of the people I grew up knowing as Mr and Mrs (whoever), and even me getting in trouble.
He told me there was a kid at church that use to pick on everyone. One day the kid crawled in between the legs of my high chair and to hear dad tell the story I beat the crap out of him. He didn’t pick on anyone else after that.
Here is me and my dad on our recent road trip.

Time we didn’t want to take but so glad we got that time together!

New PJ’s

One of my favorite memories of Christmas is the new pjs that we got every year on Christmas Eve. Around 5pm mom would give us each a wrapped present that had a new pair of PJ’s in it.
When I was younger this was like yeah look PJ’s now I’m like hey where are my PJ’s :0)
Sometimes my sisters and I got matching PJ’s but most of the time it was what ever mom found that we were into at the time….meaning tweety bird, Mickey Mouse or who knows what.
As an adult I still try to put on some PJ’s by 5 on Christmas Eve.
My youngest sister started this tradition with my nieces and I love that for them. One day they will also do this with there children. It’s kinda a family tradition.
After the Jammie’s where on we had to stay in our rooms for awhile. Santa came early to our house. We would hear Santa open the front door (we didn’t have a chimney) do some deep ho ho ho’s and then my mom would open the bedroom door and we would run to the tree.
Everyone has there spot. Come to think of it we still sit in the same spot we did growing up (lol creatures of habit I guess).
PJ’s I must go out and get a new pair of PJs for Christmas!
This pic is of my sisters and I and I see one sister fell and roped the knee out of her PJ’s. No real surprise here.


Christmas pagents

Thru the years I have been in and seen a lot of Christmas programs.
I have dressed as a wise man (there wasn’t a lot of boys in my church), sang in the choir, and was in many Christmas plays.
Good memories really. But one of my favorites is of my oldest niece. I’d say she was around 3 and my dad had been practicing with her for weeks on her line. She was to hold a candle and say my candle shines for truth.
When the big day arrived this is what happened…

She stared crying and my father picked her up, leaned down and said “her candle shines for truth!” That is me on the left taking the picture. She was dressed so pretty but she never has liked the spot light.
She is now a beautiful young woman that knows what she wants to do with her life and I couldn’t be more proud of her.
A memory that I will always cherish!

I had a doll house…

As I was growing up I wasn’t much of a doll kinda girl. Being the oldest of three girls I became dads go to person when he needed help. I mowed the yard, raked, and helped fix things.
Then my freshman year of high school I was failing science. It’s the only time I ever remember my dad going to parent teachers conference. The teacher told my dad I needed a really impressive science fair project or I was going to have to repeat the 9th grade. Of course the conference was right before Christmas break. I was so grounded.
That christmas my dad went to the store (he isn’t a shopper) and bought a doll house kit for use to build. We had 9 weeks to build it and make lights work inside. (Instructor thought I should learn about electricity.)

That’s it there. One day I’ll take it down and show you the other side.
We glued, painted, wired and furnished this house in 9 weeks.
My science teach was impressed and I ended up with a B in the class.
I learned a lot about wiring which at 29 years later I understand was the point.
Childhood memories!