With it being so cold here in the 937 I had a few issues getting out and about today. I was in more of cleaning mood. (Maybe that’s why it’s so cold lol) I did have to take a friend to the airport today so I saw this….

Not one of my best shots but it does show a really cool watch/communication tower at the Dayton International Airport. Can’t stop to long or the police run you off…so I stopped the car, jumped out, took the picture, jumped back in and took off…lol
So as I was moving stuff around I thought what does architecture really mean.
Webster subscribes it as the art and science of building or formation or construction resulting from or as if from a conscious act. This lead me to a photo I took yesterday in our snow storm.

When we bought the house we looked for the perfect spot for our flag. I think this placement works well .
Of course here we have metro architecture as well.

Every where you look there is something that was constructed in some form or another.
What will you create?

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