Another successful meal chicken broccoli and rice

Chicken broccoli & rice is what went in the pressure cooker yesterday. Mighty tasty if I do say so myself. Here are the ingredients and directions. After that is my play by play!

Now for what happened while I was cooking.

So I cubed up the chicken and cut up the onion. Put the butter in the pressure cooker and turned it on. When the butter melted I put the onions in there and let them start cooking. Added some garlic and threw in the chicken and the spices (I added rosemary salt) Mixing it all up as I go.

I used frozen broccoli this time (I forgot to get fresh at the store.) put the broth and rice in the pressure cooker and put the lid on. Put the broccoli in the microwave and about 4 minutes in I blew a fuse in the house. It turned off the pressure cooker and the microwave. Of course there is no one here so I run to the fuse box. Doesn’t look like any fuses are blown and I have no idea which fuse is the kitchen fuse so I throw them all. Good idea right…nope, set off the house alarm. Dogs go crazy. I run to go turn that off and rush back into the kitchen. Good news is pressure cooker is at pressure. The recipe says to set the pressure cooker for 5 minutes. I haven’t figured that out yet so I set mine to 15 and then stopped it after the 5 minutes. I mixed the flour and milk….oh wait I didn’t have milk so I used heavy whipping cream. I know, but it’s what I had and added a bit of water to it. It worked. After releasing the pressure I added the flour mix and stored it all up and then added the broccoli and the cheese.

It was really good! This could be a crowd favorite! Served it right away with a salad! The pot cleaned up easily as well!

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