Playing back Christmas pictures….

As I sat this morning cleaning off my memory cards from Christmas I came across this one.


This is what we have instead of stockings full of stuff.  As my father tells the story this is what his treat was as a child.  My father grew up in Newhall West Virginia and is one of 13 kids.  They each had a brown paper sack on christmas morning that had one apple, one orange, some walnuts, a candy cane and some sort of candy that they liked.  My father has continued this tradition with us. He now just sets it on the table but the Memory is still there.  We snack on this while we are waiting to open gifts and through out the holiday season.

I love that I have so many memories from my childhood that are still in effect today!  Makes me truly blessed!

5 thoughts on “Playing back Christmas pictures….

  1. Funny – you’re the 3rd person who’s told me about this Christmas morning tradition of fruit, nuts, and candy in the children’s stocking. I had never heard of it before and now three people have talked about it. It must be actually be a very popular tradition.

    One of 13? … wow, your extended family must be huge. Do you have huge family get-togethers?
    In comparison, my father had only 1 brother and they didn’t get along. With my mother’s family was in Holland, we grew up with no extended family.

    • The family joke is there is always a relative to stay with no matter where you travel :0)
      I knew most of them when I was younger but now that we are all adults you know how that goes….everyone losses touch except for a death in the family which stinks but is true. My mother had 6 bros and sisters.
      Needless to say when my grandparents where alive we had several big gatherings.

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