Still cold here in the 937 I went out to get the mail and got this shot…

Really glad I’m not in NY where they have gotten feet of snow….if you are there stay warm :0)
So I thought I’d look for something a bit more interesting from the past few months and thought I’d share this….

A little grainy but ok I think.
What landscape can you share?

A pop of color..

Today was full of looking around trying to find the perfect…..pop of color. As luck would have it in Ohio we got a few inches of snow, so spotting color became more interesting for me. First I found this…

I thought to myself that’s ok but I can find something else.
Pulled in the driveway to see this…

Better but still not what I was really looking for. What does a photographer do when they want to find the right shot during a small snow storm…they bundle up and head outside :0)
Which turned into this..


I had my trusty companion with me as well for some fun…

I thought about cropping the cardinal picture but thought the branches helped frame him. What are your thoughts?