Another year is done

Wow 2017 is going to be over in a few hours and I have had some time to think about the last year. I have gotten in better health! Walked not one but two 10ks this year! Went on a great vacation for Sanibel Florida! Planted a wonderful garden. Made better choices for my eating! Kept my blood pressure under control. Had family come and visit at my house for the first time ever! And my business did pretty well this last year as well! I have had a pretty blessed year really!

As 2018 comes rushing in I want to take a few minutes and share what my plans are for the new year.

Business wise I am taking a Master Class and learning more about portraits and getting more candid photos of my clients. Try and get there natural appearance. Even going to work on selling some of my work. Reading the Photographers Market 2018 book and going to get my work out there a bit! Starting January off with promo photos of a client for her new radio show…so exciting!

Still going to work on my health. The gym a few days a week and then some added stretching at home. I plan to walk the Air Force 10k again in 2018 and walk it a bit faster than in 2017. A few 5Ks I’m sure are going to happen as well. Plan to keep taking inches and weight off my body and continue to cook more at home for me and the family.

Going to spend time with friends and family in 2018. Going to try and make a schedule to see people that I have missed this last year. Even if it’s a FaceTime chat. Life is to short not too!

I am taking time for me in 2018. Whether it is a walk, a trip to the gym, some quiet time or what ever I am adding this to my life in 2018. It will help my mind to me healthier as well.

May 2018 be blessed beyond all our imaginations. May we all be healthier than we have ever been and may we be doing what makes us happy!

Bring in 2018! I’m ready!

What to do on a rainy day

As I sit in the cafeteria at school I can’t help but think about the rain this morning. Though we need the rain for the grass to be green and for the lakes to stay full I selfishly wish it wouldn’t have rained this morning. Why you asking yourself. Well forts off my dogs had to go out. Not that they really care whether it is raining or not but I had to go out and chain one of the dogs to a tether. She has proven herself as an explorer and well I wasn’t giving baths or combing anyone out before school today. Then there was loading the car for school. That has its own problems. I didn’t park he car where I should have and it took longer to get it he back seat to put my bag back there. Which normally doesn’t matter right. But it does matter when it rains.
The best part is there is a parking garage at school. So once here I don’t have to go outside. The highlight of he day thus far.
Thank God the move is pretty much complete. We just have clothes there that need to come to the new house. Talked about doing that today but I, so not moving In the rain.
Maybe I can talk the powers that be to help me get some boxes empty so I don’t trip in the dinning room in the morning sconce there is no light.
I got a fitbit. I have been enjoying seeing my sleep patterns which have been bad the last week. Very restless sleep. But it has become a great game with me and roommates mom. Every time I get close to betting her in steps she goes for a walk…lol I have been making an effort to stay under 1300 calories. Need to add more veggies to my diet. Something I struggle with but need to make it happen. It helps that we are all counting calories and learning about portions which is a big step in our house. More salads for low calorie meals I see in our future.
School has been very writing intense and I am doing my best to keep up. That and moving has been a lot on my plate. I have to remember one day at a time. Some days that is easy and other days I am over welded. Guess we will see if matter wins out over will.
Those are my thoughts this morning. Thanks for reading :0)

Life as I Know it

Thought I would take a minute and get a few things my mind.
School is going well. I am keeping up and my grades are above the class avg so I will take that as a win. Three classes was a little much but I am doing ok. It is odd not being the oldest in some of my classes this semester. Make the discussion boards much more interesting.
The move has had it’s ups and downs. Have 3/4 of it done. I have like a ten foot section left to paint and some wall paper to put up and we will be ready to empty some boxes :0)
The blog is still going well! Who knew I could stay loyal to something for the long.
Being the visual person I am I have been checking out tattoos around campus and have been wondering why people get them. The women sitting in front of me today has a tat that says cowgirls don’t cry. It’s in cursive. She doesn’t look like a cowgirl but then again I don’t know her. Then there is the people I know that just get a tat that they thought looked cool on the Internet. That’s should mean something people….they last forever. There should be thought involved. All 4 of mine have a story. Ill post mine soon and tell that story!
Guess I should get to my first class.
Till next time that’s what’s on my mind!

Jan 24 what I know

Today I know that plankton are the bottom feeders of the world. As I was reading my geology I got to thinking about how a lot of times I feel like I the bottom of the food chain much like the plankton all though I have more them one cell lol.
I have been surrounding myself with people that help remind me that I matter. That I alone choice how to react to things. How its ok to let people get closer to me. Not everyone wants something really.
I am reminded daily that it is me that takes what you say and turns it into what ever it is I think you said even I that isn’t what you said at all. I need to let this go and listen with my ears and not my heart.
I am me and I ok. I am who no ands ifs or butts about it. Letting go of my past although to most isn’t so bad is very hard for me. These walls I built are slowly coming down due to believing in myself more and more everyday.
I will leave you with this