Jan 13 Day of thought

So today I spent really doing not much of anything.  Started out sleeping in….had some just vegg out time.  Then I made me and the dogs some eggs.  They like my cheese eggs of love :0)  I made hash-browns also.  Then I watched the sea hawks and Falcons play some football.  Then I hit the books for a few hours and watched the ending of the other football game New England and someone.  I wasn’t really watching it.  was just on for noise really.  of course then the hunger pain starts again.  So off to the kitchen I go.  I had some Chicken helper in the cabinet so that is what I made.  It was a fried rice stir fry which was really good.  I mixed it with some fresh broccoli and carrots and even some snap peas and of course a bit of onion.  Was very tasty.  I was reminded once again about portion control .  I hate those reminders but they are good for me.  I will get this eating under control….I will!  I will get fit and I will do better for myself!  One day at a time.

Tomorrow I am taking my niece out.  She has the day off school and we are going to hang out!  I am hoping she will go to the AF museum with me tomorrow and take Mr P.  I think I could make that fun for her.  We will see how that goes.  But I already have a lunch planned for us.  Subway eat fresh!!

With that being said I am going to hit the showers and call it a night.

Hope you all are doing well with your life changes and I hope that goals are being met and change is being made.


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