I had a doll house…

As I was growing up I wasn’t much of a doll kinda girl. Being the oldest of three girls I became dads go to person when he needed help. I mowed the yard, raked, and helped fix things.
Then my freshman year of high school I was failing science. It’s the only time I ever remember my dad going to parent teachers conference. The teacher told my dad I needed a really impressive science fair project or I was going to have to repeat the 9th grade. Of course the conference was right before Christmas break. I was so grounded.
That christmas my dad went to the store (he isn’t a shopper) and bought a doll house kit for use to build. We had 9 weeks to build it and make lights work inside. (Instructor thought I should learn about electricity.)

That’s it there. One day I’ll take it down and show you the other side.
We glued, painted, wired and furnished this house in 9 weeks.
My science teach was impressed and I ended up with a B in the class.
I learned a lot about wiring which at 29 years later I understand was the point.
Childhood memories!

3 thoughts on “I had a doll house…

  1. Your dad sounds like a really special guy. How lucky for you!

    What struck me most about the photo however, are the trophies. Am I correct that these are bowling trophies?
    My parents were both HUGE bowlers and our house was FILLED with every shape and size of bowling trophies and awards. It was only after I left home did I realize how unusual it was.

    • They are bowling trophies.
      My parents have bowled for years. My mother was bowling 4 days a week up until the. Month she passed away. I thought it was weird too when I was younger. Great memories of that too!

      • My mom was very ill in her final years. I remember sitting with her late at night a few months before she passed away and how delighted she was when I found a bowling show on TV.
        It’s strange the small things we tend to remember.

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