I had told you about going to grandma and grandpas house but I have another story to share. As I am the oldest of the family I have learned that sometimes just taking a day and listening is well worth what you learn.
As I posted yesterday I had an uncle pass and I have got to spend time with family that I don’t normally get to see. Which is great. We are all sad for my aunt and cousins as one would expect. My uncle Nick was a great guy.
There is a happy note to this story….I got to spend the last 30+ hours talking with my dad. Sure I talk to him every day about what’s going on and stuff but I haven’t really talked to him in a long time.
We talked about old churches we went to as I was growing up, how he met some of the people I grew up knowing as Mr and Mrs (whoever), and even me getting in trouble.
He told me there was a kid at church that use to pick on everyone. One day the kid crawled in between the legs of my high chair and to hear dad tell the story I beat the crap out of him. He didn’t pick on anyone else after that.
Here is me and my dad on our recent road trip.

Time we didn’t want to take but so glad we got that time together!

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