I had a doll house…

As I was growing up I wasn’t much of a doll kinda girl. Being the oldest of three girls I became dads go to person when he needed help. I mowed the yard, raked, and helped fix things.
Then my freshman year of high school I was failing science. It’s the only time I ever remember my dad going to parent teachers conference. The teacher told my dad I needed a really impressive science fair project or I was going to have to repeat the 9th grade. Of course the conference was right before Christmas break. I was so grounded.
That christmas my dad went to the store (he isn’t a shopper) and bought a doll house kit for use to build. We had 9 weeks to build it and make lights work inside. (Instructor thought I should learn about electricity.)

That’s it there. One day I’ll take it down and show you the other side.
We glued, painted, wired and furnished this house in 9 weeks.
My science teach was impressed and I ended up with a B in the class.
I learned a lot about wiring which at 29 years later I understand was the point.
Childhood memories!