Still cold here in the 937 I went out to get the mail and got this shot…

Really glad I’m not in NY where they have gotten feet of snow….if you are there stay warm :0)
So I thought I’d look for something a bit more interesting from the past few months and thought I’d share this….

A little grainy but ok I think.
What landscape can you share?

7 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. Hi girl! I checked out your blog again today. I’m sure glad you didn’t get stung. We have a lot of those darn wasps around our home, and I know the feeling of being startled by one. (let alone a whole hive) UGGG As for the landscape shots, I think you’ve taken some really interesting shots. The snowy tracks just lead you right into the schene. I graininess of the beach shot, really sets a nice mood. Have fun this weekend!

    • Thanks Brian! I’m off to see the Mocking Jay tomorrow morning after a Waffle House breakfast! (Birthday weekend!) hope you have a great one your self! Stay away from those pesky boogers. I’m just glad only one neighbor saw me. I’m also thankful they are all older and are just learning. To use iPhones or I would have become an new YouTube phenomenon…lol

  2. As much as I don’t like snow and resent it deeply every winter, your photo of the tracks in the fresh snow is really beautiful!
    … I’m glad I don’t live in Buffalo either. Brrrr.

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