As luck would have it

This summer has been one accident after another.  Maybe I should ask for a do over.  While cleaning the garage this weekend I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.  Good thing I still had muscle relaxers from my calf problem.  At least it has given me time to reflect and to figure out where I want to go.   Well Kinda.  I am getting my home in order.  It is finally taking shape.  hoping by the end of the month to have made even more progress.  

I have found a mini me figure that I am going to instagram with.  I can’t get her to upload but I will.  You can see here if you #ohiophotogrl or go to instagram and look me up.

While cleaning the garage I found my old computer that we have looked for for over a year.  Glad to have found that.  Just a little laptop but comes in handy when the iPad isn’t charged.

My little niece started a blog this last week. I think it will help her with her writing.  She chose a Monster High Doll.  It is what it is bout it kinda suits her….lol

Oh well….off to put some heat on this shoulder!



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