Here we go again…..

Hey there,

Looks like I am updating a defeat….I stopped walking and there for fell back into my lazier habits.  Its ok though because I have decided that I am going to be better to myself.  July is all but over and its time to step back and get my crap together.  I can do this. I am going to do this.

So here is the deal.  Fitbit is charged and ready to do its job.  Walking shoes are out of the closet and ready to do there job and my heart is ready to do its job.  Now Brain I need you to do your job!

There are several 5ks coming up that I want to get involved with this fall.  If anyone wants to do them with me or has one they want me to do with them let me know.  I need to do this for me.  I am going to do this for me.

On another side not the house is coming together.  There has been a lot of progress made and I am glad that we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The woman cave is now with in our grasps….lol  Can’t wait to share that with you but not quiet yet :0)

I took my nieces senior pictures last week and let me just say it took everything in me not to cry….LOL  She has become such a beautiful young lady and I am so very proud of her.  I have been gathering pictures of her for her end of year party….Should I post the really cute ones that will cause her to go REALYY AUNT PP……I am sure I will…lol

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I pull myself up and get my crap together! I GOT THIS!

One thought on “Here we go again…..

  1. I have all the faith in the world in you that you will be very successful and return with even more vigor than before!! Everyone needs some time to enjoy and relax for a time, then it will hit you that it is time to resume. Do what works for you and challenges you. Love you!

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