Opppps I did it again

Sometimes I think that I take two steps forward to come 3 steps back.
Walking has been moving along nicely and then I start having leg cramps. Well one leg. Thought I needed more potassium so I start eating bananas like I grow them in the back yard. Doesn’t fix the problem :0(
Yesterday I spent the morning in the ER. Pain was that bad.

My dad took me. They ran me thru the ultra sound machine to make sure I don’t have any blood clots.
No clots! Thinking maybe that I have a pulled muscle in my calf. That could cause several issues as well.
Verdict- stay off it a few days and let it heal. Hard to do when you wanna walk around and get stuff done.
The muscle relaxer has eased up the cramping a lot but still have knee pain. Follow up shortly with Doc.
No walking for a few days :0(
So I guess I’ll catch up on my recorded shows.
My dad was great yesterday! We spent hours talking about old injures we have had and talked about my mom a lot too! So even though I was at the hospital dad was there talking my thru it all! Thanks Daddy!
Anyway, I’m proped up and chilling out! Have a great day peeps!

2 thoughts on “Opppps I did it again

  1. I am so sorry you are having problems!! So glad your Dad can help you girls out! That gives him purpose. Lord bring quick healing and comfort to Penny! Thank you Jesus!!

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