April 1,2014 changes

As I sit here in the cafe at school I am reminded of all the time spent here trying to figure out geology, psychology, different communication classes. I look at the faces around me and I see future teachers, nurses, business owners and many more opportunities for these bright minds. The best part is that the people here are working on there dreams. Just like me. In 5 short weeks I will hear my name called as I walk across the stage to receive my diploma. Yes it may have taken me longer then the kid in front of me but that’s ok. I did this for me. What am I going to be when I grow up? Who knows….but I have more tools now to work with and my possibilities are endless.
With that said….still only a few sips of pop in the last 4 wks and I’ve started walking a few times a day to get my step count up. So I am doing am over all change. Change your mind change your body. Again doing this all for me!
Last week I dropped 1.75 inches off my body. Haven’t weighed myself yet but the clothes are getting much looser :0) stayed under calorie counts almost all the time :0) go me!
To all of you thinking your too old to change or you can’t do something….stop it because you can.
Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “April 1,2014 changes

  1. So proud of you and all you are doing for you and your future! Great Accomplishments! I won’t see you do this, but I will be there in spirit! I consider myself still young at almost 59, but yes, that is me, who sits there and says, not at this stage of the game & why not? There is NO EXCUSE! Gotta start somewhere sometime! Thank you Sweetie! Love you! Good thoughts!

    • Right! I think we (well me anyway) think we are too old to try or to change and then we take that little step and Bam things change. Baby steps are what we have to learn to take and those little steps lead to mountains moved! Thank you for your support it means a lot! Love you too!

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