Life as I Know it

Thought I would take a minute and get a few things my mind.
School is going well. I am keeping up and my grades are above the class avg so I will take that as a win. Three classes was a little much but I am doing ok. It is odd not being the oldest in some of my classes this semester. Make the discussion boards much more interesting.
The move has had it’s ups and downs. Have 3/4 of it done. I have like a ten foot section left to paint and some wall paper to put up and we will be ready to empty some boxes :0)
The blog is still going well! Who knew I could stay loyal to something for the long.
Being the visual person I am I have been checking out tattoos around campus and have been wondering why people get them. The women sitting in front of me today has a tat that says cowgirls don’t cry. It’s in cursive. She doesn’t look like a cowgirl but then again I don’t know her. Then there is the people I know that just get a tat that they thought looked cool on the Internet. That’s should mean something people….they last forever. There should be thought involved. All 4 of mine have a story. Ill post mine soon and tell that story!
Guess I should get to my first class.
Till next time that’s what’s on my mind!

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