Jan 8 First day of the semester

Today starts another semester which means the first week is crazy. Hard to find a place to park, a lot of new students that don’t know where things are, and the whole am I going to be the oldest in the class problem I seem to always have.
I arrived 2 hours early thank God or I would not have been able to park in the garage. If I can’t park near school I am not going to school. I know me.
I have already shared where a few buildings are with a few new people. Helping is good!
As far as the oldest in the class goes…As I look around its pretty close. We she see how the classes go. I do know that being older sometimes is better. I have life experience to go along with what ever topic there seems to be.
I am taking my second and last Geology class. 16 weeks of hell. then I can put that behind me. I am also taking a communication theory class. I should have taken this class first I would imagine but I didn’t so I will knock this one out. Most people know I could talk to a tree :0)
I have also been drawing a sacred path card everyday during the week. Today I drew the card of fertility. Seems the things I plant today will move forward with great reward as long as I keep feeding the ideas and want them to grow. Bring on the semester!
Ill let ya know how it goes!

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