The dreaded measure day

On the 15th day of this life change the tape measure said to me….GOOD JOB PENNY! LOL

I really wasn’t sure this was going to be a good week being I didn’t lose any weight this week. I sat around moping a bit and then I realized…hey I hadn’t started my period. I’m sure the water gain there could cause some problems with the scale. I pushed thru 2 work outs and sweated a lot…I will be getting weighed Monday at the docs office so it will be an unofficial weigh in…lol I use the gym as my official. Just for consistency.

Here we go:

Part                Last WK                This WK             CHANGE
Neck                  14.5                    14.5                          -0
Chest                 45                       44.5                         -0.75
Abs                     47                      45.25                        -1.75
Hips                   53                      52.25                        -.75
L Calf                 24.75                 23.5                         -1.25
L Bic                  15                       15                              -0
L Forearm        10                       10                             -0
TOTAL -4.75

Thats right 4.75 inches off of this body!

My roomate is doing this too and we started measuring her last week. She lost 3 inches this week.

I am looking forward to a good week this week. Hope you all do as well…

Till Next Time….

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