Day 10

I have learned a few thing sense my last blog…..

I am not as young as I think I am….proven when I started another quarter of school. I am actually going to class instead of doing internet classes. As I looked around the room at my first class I am the oldest student by 14 years. The instructor has me beat maybe by 5 years. The second class I know I am older then even the teacher. But I can be young and hip right….LOL

Secondly, the Tapeworm, Tippo, has instructed me that if I don’t eat every 2 hours while I am awake he will cause lots of noise in my tummy and cause me to be grumpy. It doesn’t have to be much of anything just really a few bites but he is defiantly running my railroad.

I made it thru the funeral yesterday with out any major problems. Of course there was plenty of food around and I stayed away from most of the bad stuff. Really when Im sad I’m not an eater anyway. But I did eat a bad for you cheese bread last night only 3 little pieces. I had the calories left for the day but….it was a fail for me. I did walk for 45 minutes tho. Ill try and work it off tomorrow at the gym. I know I will not be perfect all the time but I knew better…I have a bad habit of taking 2 steps forward to come three steps back. I am not going to let that happen to me. I WILL MAKE THIS CHANGE!

There is lots of reading to be done for these classes. Lots of butt time I am afraid. SO I am working out a schedule where when I ride the stationary bike I can read. We will see if this works. Who am I kidding I need to concentrate on me during my gym time….Your right brain…all about me…LOL

Till Next Time….

2 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. I brought papers to grade to the gym to do on the bike. Worked pretty well.

    You will get younger. I have one of those scales that does body fat. After it measures everything, it will tell me my “age” based on body composition. When I started this journey in 2009, I was 55 (really 47). Now, I’m 35 (turning 50 next month). No idea if the scale knows what it’s talking about, but I like it. Back then, I was on high blood pressure meds, too. Took a year, but I got off them. Life makes us old. Exercise and nutrition makes us young again. Don’t you dare get too busy to quit!

  2. I am in it to win it this time….I have been getting up early and going to the gym or going right after class. I am hoping by this time next year to be off blood pressure pills as well! I’m liking the sound of getting younger LOL
    Thanks for the Pep Talk!

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