The first trip to the gym….

Got up this morning and grabbed my keys and headed for the gym (got dressed of course but that’s a given) .  I pulled in the parking lot and it wasn’t very crowed which for me is a good thing.  I sign in at the desk and walk down the hallway thinking I can do this…the hall way seemed longer and longer. Maybe out of fear.  Fear that I don’t want this to be a passing phase.  I have support this time around and I have will power and I AM going to do this.  I walk thru the door and there are 2 people on treadmills already plugging away.  I get my coat off and head over to the scale.  THIS IS IT.  THE MOMENT OF DREAD.  I kick my shoes off and I think OK back toward the end of Oct I was weighing in at 244. So I set the scale there. I took a deep breath in closed my eyes and stepped on the scale and let my breath out.  When I opened them I got a surprise.  I needed to move the bar.  I moved it a bit more and had to move it again.  It went down 14 pounds.  I know I had a busy holiday season and work was crazy but it looks like watching my portions was a really good thing.

So, the Official weigh in is 230 lbs.  I’m sure if anyone was watching they got a kick out of the surprise on my face.

With this good thought in mind I headed to the treadmill.  I unroll the earphone to see that part of it is missing.  The part that plugs into iPod.  So no music for me today :0(  What do you do when you have no music you count your steps…yes I was bored but was determined to stay on that thing for 20 minutes and a 2 minute cool down.  216 steps a minute for 4320 steps in that 20 minutes.  I walked at 2.9 miles an hour I’ll get that up.  burning 116.5 calories.  1 mile  YEAH ME!  Then I worked my core a bit with some weight training.  I didn’t over do it because I want to continue and not peter out like before.

I feel good about my workout today and will be back there on Friday.

Added walk…went to campus and got my books and decided to walk campus while I was there as well…extra cardio…and its FN cold here :0)

4 thoughts on “The first trip to the gym….

  1. It’s consistency. Don’t quit. No matter what. The “new” will wear off and you still keep going, OK? Been there, done that. Always here if you have a question…

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