Sat morning shuffle

Well for the last two weeks I have been drinking more water (that’s right water.) I have been walking the dogs at least once a day for 2.5 miles and some days I even walk them twice….go me. I’m watching my calorie intake and my sleep patterns….I have no weight lose yet. But I am feeling better and that is the main goal of this life style change. I may not be the fastest walker but I am doing laps around the people sitting on the couch!
I’m glad I am a morning person. There isn’t much traffic on our street at 7am so walking at that time is perfect at least on the weekends. During the week it’s more like 630 or the dogs are sitting every 20 steps because a car is passing. The westie is my tank she walks hot, cold, wet, dry and just goes and goes. The two shelties are another story. The big one walks but tries to get us back home fast. The little one just wants to herd me where she wants to go. I try to assure her I will win this game but I find myself going really where ever she leads us. Guess she wins the game after all :0)
It helps too that when I walk in the mornings I am hungry when I get home so breakfast has become a staple at the house. I make the dogs there’s and then while I am eating so are they. They seem to like that.
So one step at a time is my new motto!

Jan 18 the Grocery Store

Ok so they put the health fruit and veggies in the front of the store that is great…..Works well for me however You look in their ad and there is junk food in it.  You round the corner and instead of healthy choses you find sugar and carbohydrates that you don’t need to put in your pie hole.  The schools have takin the cookie away from the kids and the soda pop. That is a good thing but…..To buy juice for the child to drink costs twice as much.  WTH?  Eat more fresh veggies and leaner cuts of meat….Ok then lean some of the money off of these products.  Send out coupons that will encourage people to eat better instead of buy 2 for a better deal.  Why would the avg 2 person household need to buy two of anything really.  Stock up for a rainy day I suppose but why.  We never know what we are going too eat till its dinner time on most nights.

The good news is I only spent 137 dollars at the grocery and I did by fresh veggies and I did get some vegetarian dishes for my partner in crime but in the grand scheme of things I spent too much and I dint buy really any junk food.  A bag of veggie chips is the worse thing I can remember buying and she may or may not eat those I can’t remember.

I did learn that taking a list helps cut down the crap I use to buy.  Also reminds me to use my coupons!!!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is….Eating healthy should not cost more.  Mrs Obama where are you helping the avg person get healthy.  Its cheaper to buy fattening foods.  At least in the spring and summer I can grow my own veggies…..Thank god!

Have a great day everyone!

Tomorrow I think I am going to try Yoga!

Jan 17 Life

As I sit here listening to the people around me I am listening differently. With this Comm Theory class that I am taking it is asking me to look at things thru other peoples eyes. There are some older gentle man sitting at the table next to me and they are talking about the doping charges for that bike guy (I know its Lance Armstrong) talking about how these bike guys are ruining the sport. You know they all take drugs….blah, blah, blah. Amazing to me how people only see the bad parts of a person. they never mentioned the foundation he has done so well raising money for. They didnt talk about the other sports that we all know that drugs are running through. Just amazing to me. Shouldn’t be but it is.
Enough of that :0)
I went to the gym yesterday. I have dropped another 4.5 pounds so for the year I have dropped 9.5 pounds. I am excited about that! I have 30.5 to go for my first major goal. That will be a go buy a new outfit goal :0)
I walked for 30 minutes and used all the work out machines except one. I started situps yesterday as well. I did 25 straight. That is good for me. Gonna get my ball out and try and increase by 5 or more everyday then add side bends. I worked my arms really well too. gotta get rid of the flab so when I wear my wife beater I am not flapping in the wind lol.
Food is getting better. Need to eat more times a day. Drink more water.
I got a massage yesterday as well. Felt good after my work out. Going to keep this up felt good.
Off to class I go!

Jan 9 Homework and life

New Semester New Work :0(

It’s really not that bad yet but it has potential to be.  Just gotta stay on my game, I can do this right?  Right!

Last month I went to the eye doctor and found out I need bifocals.  Sign of getting old.  Or as I like to say staring at the computer way too much…lol  I picked them up today and I really can’t believe what a difference that they are making.  I can see the computer now up close instead of having to lean back…who knew.

Still not doing what I want with the water which is my own fault. Just need to do it.  I will get better and I will be stronger for me.  On the 21st I have a Doc appointment to get meds refilled so I went and had my blood drawn for a full panel of things.  I will have those results the first of next week.  Will be interesting to see where all my levels are.

Well Back to the homework I go!

Till next time….

I have not fallen off the wagon

Sorry for the silence fellow bloggers and readers.  I have been knee deep in paper writing and family drama.  That leaves little time for blogging so I will try and catch up.

Family drama—Well seems my partner has decided that we should no longer be together.  This has upped my gym time.  Poor Treadmill has had my name all over it.  Which caused a 3.5 inch drop off my body this week.  I really need to get on the scale.  Maybe Wednesday.

So here are the numbers

-.5 inchs off my neck sense Jan 1

-2 inches off my Chest (that could have stayed LOL)

-1.25 inches off my abs

-6.5 off my hips

-1.5 off my thighs

gained 1 inch on my biceps :0)

So all together I have lost 11.75 inches..that is with a few weeks of up and downs!

Those are inches I will never see again on my body.

Hope you all have a great day!  Ill be back with you after midterms!


One more inch

So I dropped another inch off my body this week!!!! Happy claps go here. Did some journal searching and I see I’m doing good on getting out and moving but not so good on cutting down on the carbs. So that is what I’m going to work on this week. Scale went up I think half pound. I’ll weigh in tomorrow or Tuesday. I’ll blog more soon school is really busy with two papers due this week.
Have a great week!!!!
This is our year!!!!,

Till Next Time….

Day 25

Here I sit on day 25 and I have learned during these days.

1. I can control what goes in my pie hole :0)
2. 1100 calories are way to little for me to eat.
3. Going to the gym 2-3 times a week makes me feel better about me.
4. When you feel discouraged read other peoples blogs or ask for help.
5. Surround yourself with people that truly care for you.
6. I am smarter then I thought I was (went back to school and things are going good)
7. Learned pizza and I are not friends anymore (not the calories, the grease makes me sick)
8. Using a pedometer helps me see how active and inactive I am (pro and con)
9. Taking time for me everyday has helped me get a better understanding of me
10. I am learning more patients and tolerance of ignorance. I am hoping that the people in my Soc class are seeing things from a different perspective. Its ok to agree to disagree
11. I study better at the library. I can spread out more :0)
12. The best laid plans can always be changed.
13. Its ok to be the oldest in the class. It has had its advantages.
14. Taking a picture a day with my cell phone has been an interesting adventure for sure.
15. I have also been talking to random people. Sometimes it is just that smile or hello that gives a person hope in humanity.
16. Blogging helps keep me honest.
17. I am taking a religion class and it has brought my father and I closer.(we have more to talk about)
18. I have learned to be still and listen (hard for me to do I am a mover)
19. Bad days come and go…get over it and move on to the next day
20. Listen. Sometimes that is the best answer.

There is my top 20 off the top of my head. I hope that each of you are doing well and have a support system that works for you. I am lucky that I do and I am thankful for that more then I could ever say.

I am thankful for friends, family, blogs and bloggers, the gym, school, cameras, creativity, work and a whole bunch of other things.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

Till Next Time…


Well I took the advice of alot of you and changed my calorie intake. I am feeling better and Im still loosing inches. Pretty sure the scale will start changing as well. I have changed it to staying under 1300 calories and that seems to be working better. With adding walking and all that going below 1100 was making my body think it was starving.
My little family here dug out the Wii fit and have been using it. If you do it right you can work up a sweat…lol
hope you are all doing well on your journey. I am still taking one day at a time and asking for help when I need it.
Till Next Time…

Doing with-out then….

As we all know in our culture we celebrate everything with Food.  Promotion……..graduation….food…Birthday….food.  Well my sister had a Bday this week and we as a family celebrated it yesterday.  Now I have spent 22 days trying to eat better and stay away from sweets for the most part.  I do love my Skinny Cows but why on Gods green earth did I think I could share a cupcake with my partner….BAD IDEA!  Now I want more.  I knew better but I let her talk me into just a bite.  Now I want another.  The good news is there are no more and I don’t have it in the house so I am saved there but I can’t stop thinking about it.

I know that I can have a treat now and then but I now know that cupcakes are more of my weakness then I thought.  Don’t worry my will power is strong but I will have to so not even smell them if they are passed my way…lol

All in all it was a good weekend.  I’ll post measurements later I just needed to vent on the cupcakes!

Till Next Time

Week Three

It has been an interesting three weeks.  First off let me just say that this is going better than I could have expected.  This week was a test.  There ware cookies everywhere at work and I only tried a bite of one. (talk about temptation) I pretty much stayed under calories all week. Most likely not today but I am allowing myself a day of what ever within reason.

But anyway to the point this weeks results are in:

4 pound weight lose in 3 weeks

-9.5 inches off my body this year already as well!

Hope you all are sticking with it!  This is our year!  We can and will do this.

This next time….