Jan is on the way out….

Well the month of January only has about a week left so I thought I would update my life changes.

Last week I am pretty sure I had some of that flu crap that has been going around.  But I will get back in the groove soon!

I got signed up for a web design class that is next week.  Looking forward to getting my photography stuff put on an actual web page.  I even signed up for a digital video class.  I am looking forward to seeing what all I can learn.  They will help me to broadcast my own show.  I have a lot of ideas I just gotta get them all out :0)

I have been drinking a lot more water.  Got signed up for the local gym and have been going 3-5 times a week.  Sure does help get me going in the mornings.  Staying within my calories.  I got a scale.  I am only using it once a week when I measure.  So far 2 pounds gone so we are calling that a win :0)

Been putting together an easy store to sell my cards.  I just gotta get the cards together and a catalog of sorts to keep track of what I have.

I am feeling better and better! life is going well….One day at a time.


So far so good

Well the new year is here and it is going well.
Joined the neighborhood Planet Fitness, have gone 2xs even contacted a personal trainer that will get back with me later in the week.
Eating better or at least eating things that are better for me. Adding fruit and veggies to meals is helping feel full :0)
Yesterday it snowed here in the 937. Spent time shoveling and snow blowing. That was a bigger work out then the gym for sure. Now it’s just bitterly cold. Nieces have only had one day of school this week. Guessing they won’t have it tomorrow either. Gonna be even colder tomorrow…brrrrrrrr
I had forgotten how much energy I get from walking in the mornings. I have been cleaning today like no bodies business. It’s been crazy.
Resolutions are going well! I know only 7 days in but you know I feel good about it!
The dogs have been barking and acting crazy all day…they hate the vacuum. After I shut it off this was Luna….

Silly dog :0)
Looking forward to what this year brings!

Who knew….

So I have been walking again.  I know its bout time but I am doing this and feeling good about it again :0)

Last week I logged 28.74 miles and 66,620 steps.  I feel good about it too!

One step is better then one more second on the couch for me. I was going to skip it today and just sleep in but God had other plans.  I woke up from a crazy nightmare and thought well I’m up I might as well walk it off and I did!  Saw a beautiful sun rise.  I am blessed.

I am drinking more water again and eating better and am feeling good!  Started measuring again this week so I will get back caught up with that on my next blog.  Watching my BP.  I am on meds but my BP is way low compared to what it has been to get me on said BP meds.  I go to the Doc in 3 weeks and I am going to talk to her about that.  If it stays low I may have to adjust by calling her.  We shall see.  My BP after a 1.5 mile walk and a 25 minute bike ride in the humidity was 117/63  that seems a bit low but Im watching it.

Other then that life is what it is.  

I made zucchini bread from scratch.  Let me tell ya it was WONDERFUL!  Neighbors liked it and I am taking a piece to my dad and sister the rest well….its mine :0)

well that is my update…..till next time…….

May 6, 2014 Turn the page….

What a week it has been….I saw the Indigo Girls with The Columbus Philharmonic…from the 3rd row.


They were amazing!  Then there was one of my favorite Christmas presents…Tickets to see CHER! Not third row but still good seats.  Not bad for a cell phone shot I think….



Then I saw a group called Black Violin.  If you haven’t heard them google them or check out youtube.  they have Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  They were amazing.

Better then I could have hoped.


Busy busy…..

Then there was graduation….what a busy day that was.

However it was worth it.


Another dream fulfilled.  I am truly blessed.  I’m the one with the thumbs up :0)

As I sat with my classmates and I looked around I wondered if everyone was thinking the something. Now what?  I know I am looking forward to reading a book that does not include a quiz the next day or a comprehensive exam attached to it at the end 🙂  I am looking forward to a little R&R before I have to figure anything out.  I hope to work on my photography this summer and to get my house in order.  I have neglected it just a little bit.  I want to work on me.  To be the me that I am intended to be.  Who Am I here is a poem that has helped me out a lot along my journey…..


In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me.
Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine,
because I alone chose it
– I own everything about me:
my body,
my feelings,
my mouth,
my voice,
all my actions,
whether they be to others or myself.
I own my fantasies,
my dreams,
my hopes,
my fears.
I own my triumphs and successes,
all my failures and mistakes.
Because I own all of me,
I can become intimately acquainted with me.
By so doing,
I can love me and be friendly with all my parts.
I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me,
and other aspects that I do not know–
but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself,
I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me.
However I look and sound,
whatever I say and do,
and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time
is authentically me.
If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting,
I can discard that which is unfitting,
keep the rest,
and invent something new for that which I discarded.
I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do.
I have the tools to survive,
to be close to others,
to be productive,
and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me.
I own me,
and therefore,
I can engineer me.
I am me,
and I am Okay.

Here is to the next chapter of my life and to being me.  If you dream it you can be it!






It it almost done

As I have been putting together my last papers for College I have been reminded time and time again that life is to short to not take a minute and reflect on how far I have come in my life.  I am getting ready to Graduate College, something I did not think I could do after being out of high school for so long.  I have a family that supports me in everything that I do. Wish everyone had that :0)

I wish I could share this with my mother.  She passed many years back and I know how very proud she would be of me following thru and walking across the stage to get my diploma.  She will be looking down along with some of her friends and I will feel her wonderful smile and I will have a great peace knowing that.

On another note I am back to walking again.  I did come off half of my BP meds due to exercise.  You gotta love that. Doc thinks that I will be off more meds in 6 months if I lee this up.  I am all for that.  I still haven’t lost weight but I have seen more inches off my body.  She told me to throw the scale in the trash.  I am taking the one I bought back.  She is right if my clothes fit looser then I am doing something right.  We did decide that my body may think it is starving tis self so I am eating a bit more.  That seems to be helping as well.  My body needs more than 1500 calories.  Not many more but a bit.  I am also cutting out some carbs.  That should help too.  Still laying off the three pops a day and having maybe one a week and not a whole one :0)

I am ready for this last cram week to be over.  Exams next week and then next Sunday is graduation.  Then on to a new chapter in my life.  Bring it!

Oct 7, 2013 make that change

Well I got on the scale Sat afternoon and I was down hearted.  I had gained half a pound.  I was discouraged but I didn’t eat crazy like I wanted to.  I knew I was going to measure myself in the morning.  I woke up and went in to measure. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to see any change here and I was wrong….Thank you God!

total of 4.25 inches off my body this week.  I will say the weight is from muscle building due to walking :0)

Go me…no really I gotta go!  Wish me luck!

Sat morning shuffle

Well for the last two weeks I have been drinking more water (that’s right water.) I have been walking the dogs at least once a day for 2.5 miles and some days I even walk them twice….go me. I’m watching my calorie intake and my sleep patterns….I have no weight lose yet. But I am feeling better and that is the main goal of this life style change. I may not be the fastest walker but I am doing laps around the people sitting on the couch!
I’m glad I am a morning person. There isn’t much traffic on our street at 7am so walking at that time is perfect at least on the weekends. During the week it’s more like 630 or the dogs are sitting every 20 steps because a car is passing. The westie is my tank she walks hot, cold, wet, dry and just goes and goes. The two shelties are another story. The big one walks but tries to get us back home fast. The little one just wants to herd me where she wants to go. I try to assure her I will win this game but I find myself going really where ever she leads us. Guess she wins the game after all :0)
It helps too that when I walk in the mornings I am hungry when I get home so breakfast has become a staple at the house. I make the dogs there’s and then while I am eating so are they. They seem to like that.
So one step at a time is my new motto!

Been a minute

Been awhile since I shared my thoughts. Not that I haven’t had many I just have kept to myself. No real reason why I just have. Maybe it has been from the lack of sun and no motivation.
I got back on the scale this week and I’m not very happy with myself. It’s not that bad but bad enough. I put 4 pounds back on. Hopefully with a bit of structure I can get those and more back off.
My bicycle is in the shop getting its spring tune up….started my calorie counting again…started using myfitnesspal again…..went back to the gym today…feeling good about it :0)
Just have to keep myself motivated that’s all. I can do this!
So here I go…..bring on the world!!!!!

End of January

Here I sit in the Cafe at Sinclair and I am reminded that this is the last day of January. Where does the time go. Seemed like just yesterday we were out mowing the lawn. Oh wait I do live in Ohio that could happen.
It has been a pretty productive month. I have completed most of my todo list. Have kept up with my picture a day with Mr P. That has become a good stress reliever. for those who don’t know about it check it out. http://www.mrpsadventures.wordpress.com
School is going pretty good. I am not the oldest kid in all my classes. I am finally figuring out what works for me in my geology class.
Home life is good. Taking a day at a time.
I need to find a job. I miss the interaction with people. Maybe next week Ill stop in to career services here at school and see what they can do for me.
Have my first exam today. Keeping fingers crossed for sure.
I’m off to get this day started.
Bring on February!

Jan 24 what I know

Today I know that plankton are the bottom feeders of the world. As I was reading my geology I got to thinking about how a lot of times I feel like I the bottom of the food chain much like the plankton all though I have more them one cell lol.
I have been surrounding myself with people that help remind me that I matter. That I alone choice how to react to things. How its ok to let people get closer to me. Not everyone wants something really.
I am reminded daily that it is me that takes what you say and turns it into what ever it is I think you said even I that isn’t what you said at all. I need to let this go and listen with my ears and not my heart.
I am me and I ok. I am who no ands ifs or butts about it. Letting go of my past although to most isn’t so bad is very hard for me. These walls I built are slowly coming down due to believing in myself more and more everyday.
I will leave you with this