3+ months is a long time

Where do I even begin…
I took the summer off to work on a new house. Yep I am moving again. God works in mysterious ways. Life is good.
School started last week. Going to be an inserting semester. Really a writing intense time and I am good with that my brain needs a challenge and I am up for that challenge.
I was looking thru the school newspaper and my name is there. I made the deans list last semester! So life is getting on track. Thank God!
So what do I want to accomplish the next month.
I want to be moved in by the end of Sept.
Going to keep my grades up and try to stay ahead of the game.
Get on a schedule
Try out my listening skills.
Read the paper every Sunday
Look for a internship
Ride my bike more
Learn to just be
That’s a good start. What will happen…..we will see!
Stay tuned!

schools out and the projects are pilling up

Well Geology didn’t kill me thank God!  I even pulled an A out of the class.  Not sure how but I’ll take it :0)  Got a B in my Com class and I am ok with that too.  Which put me on the deans list, which got me a book scholorship.  Gotta love that for sure!

I have lots of projects on my plate for summer.  I had a huge garage sale,  I need to Ebay a bunch of things that just need to go away.  I have painting at the house to do, flooring to have someone come and lay, and of course pictures to take!  Working on a big scan project as well.  Now the dang scanner is putting a digital line on the pictures and I cant get tech support on the phone so I am waiting on a email back.  I hate waiting.  This is Gods way of slowing me down.  I am still sending out a letter or a card a month and that seems to be fun for people as well.  Good for me to remember that people like to get mail that isn’t a bill or junk!

My other blog mrpsadventures.com is going well. This picture a day project has really been fun.  I have been doing it everyday and it seems to bring out the creativity in me a bit.  Funny how such a little toy can brin gme joy during the day.

I had an aunt pass this week.  Was going to go to the funeral but the family couldnt get it together in a manner where I could attend so I will have my own service for her.  Sissy was a great woman and will be missed.  She was the last of the sisters in my mothers family….Sissy you were amazing and I miss you already.

Well I guess I should get back at my projects.  I hope to blog a bit more on my projects as the summer goes on.

April 24, 2013 rain and my thoughts

As the semester comes to a close I stop and ponder on what I have been doing the last 16 weeks. Geology all though really hard last semester has gone pretty smooth. Right down to the travel pamphlets we have had to make for the different time periods. I have adopted 2 jelly fish into them…Ernie and Burnie from Shark tales. They have had a cafe in everything period in history. Singing songs like “it’s getting hot in hear let’s keep on all our clothes,” “everybody walk the dinosaur,” and there famous hit, ” we are going to need a bigger boat.” All funny spoofs for my prof.
Comm class has gone well. I mean I can talk to a tree so it can’t be too bad right….right.
Today is full of rain……hate the rain…but it is better then the white stuff any day.
Met some great people the semester that I hope to continue contact with. Most in my field of study which is always good.
One more week of school. 2 classes and I can sell my books!!!!!!
There has been a lot of terrible things I. The world the last week…the bombing in Boston, another shooting, week before that a college kid knifing his fellow class mates. This world is a crazy place. My prayers are with the families of the victims and the family’s of the accused. They all have different demons they will have to fight.
Best news is my beautiful niece got into CTC and she gets the field of her choice. Only 2 others from her school got accepted into her program. I am so very proud of her.
My bicycle is now ready to hit the trails. Got it all cleaned up and ready to go! Now I need a dry warm day.
Have a great day world. Lets go out and be the change!

Jan 17 Life

As I sit here listening to the people around me I am listening differently. With this Comm Theory class that I am taking it is asking me to look at things thru other peoples eyes. There are some older gentle man sitting at the table next to me and they are talking about the doping charges for that bike guy (I know its Lance Armstrong) talking about how these bike guys are ruining the sport. You know they all take drugs….blah, blah, blah. Amazing to me how people only see the bad parts of a person. they never mentioned the foundation he has done so well raising money for. They didnt talk about the other sports that we all know that drugs are running through. Just amazing to me. Shouldn’t be but it is.
Enough of that :0)
I went to the gym yesterday. I have dropped another 4.5 pounds so for the year I have dropped 9.5 pounds. I am excited about that! I have 30.5 to go for my first major goal. That will be a go buy a new outfit goal :0)
I walked for 30 minutes and used all the work out machines except one. I started situps yesterday as well. I did 25 straight. That is good for me. Gonna get my ball out and try and increase by 5 or more everyday then add side bends. I worked my arms really well too. gotta get rid of the flab so when I wear my wife beater I am not flapping in the wind lol.
Food is getting better. Need to eat more times a day. Drink more water.
I got a massage yesterday as well. Felt good after my work out. Going to keep this up felt good.
Off to class I go!