schools out and the projects are pilling up

Well Geology didn’t kill me thank God!  I even pulled an A out of the class.  Not sure how but I’ll take it :0)  Got a B in my Com class and I am ok with that too.  Which put me on the deans list, which got me a book scholorship.  Gotta love that for sure!

I have lots of projects on my plate for summer.  I had a huge garage sale,  I need to Ebay a bunch of things that just need to go away.  I have painting at the house to do, flooring to have someone come and lay, and of course pictures to take!  Working on a big scan project as well.  Now the dang scanner is putting a digital line on the pictures and I cant get tech support on the phone so I am waiting on a email back.  I hate waiting.  This is Gods way of slowing me down.  I am still sending out a letter or a card a month and that seems to be fun for people as well.  Good for me to remember that people like to get mail that isn’t a bill or junk!

My other blog is going well. This picture a day project has really been fun.  I have been doing it everyday and it seems to bring out the creativity in me a bit.  Funny how such a little toy can brin gme joy during the day.

I had an aunt pass this week.  Was going to go to the funeral but the family couldnt get it together in a manner where I could attend so I will have my own service for her.  Sissy was a great woman and will be missed.  She was the last of the sisters in my mothers family….Sissy you were amazing and I miss you already.

Well I guess I should get back at my projects.  I hope to blog a bit more on my projects as the summer goes on.

One thought on “schools out and the projects are pilling up

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your aunt. You are really sweet to have your own memorial for her.
    Congratulations on making the Dean’s List and your scholarship. That’s really exciting. Good luck with your summer projects!

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