I’m ready for spring….

I had to get some plants in some dirt. I needed to feel something growing and watch it burst out of the ground. I got my wish..

That was after just three days. March 2nd I started sowing the seeds and by the 5th I had growth. Yesterday was the 17th and this is what I have.

15 days and I have sprouts everywhere. It’s looking like everything but the tomatoes will be ready soon….opppps however I’m going to put them in a bigger container till after Mother’s Day. Here in the 937 it’s not safe for them to be planted. We usually get just one more good frost right before Mother’s Day. Last year we planted a week before and lost two beds full of plants due to frost.

My cousins run a Facebook page called Beginner Foodie and I will be live streaming on there and sharing blog posts. Showing people how easy gardening can be and how they too can go Garden to table. For those of you finding my blog I hope you enjoy it as much as I like writing it.

Turkey in the pressure cooker

Bought a turkey breast for the pressure cooker!

I took the turkey out of the plastic back and washed her off and then but some olive oil and rosemary salt all over her. Threw her in the cooker to brown her a little.

Then I chopped up some carrots, celery and onion for the bottom of the pot. Took turkey out. Turned it off to let it cool down. Put the carrots and stuff in the bottom of the pot with 2 cup dish of broth.

Sprinkles some dried onion and garlic in there.

Turned it on for 30 min. Let it come to pressure and cook. Released the steam took it out and cut the netting off. Cut threw the turkey…..not done so back in the pot.

Cooked for 10 more minutes. Took it out and…


Lasagna in a pressure cooker

So Pinterest will be the death of me…lol I looked through the recipes and came across several for lasagna. The pressure cooker even came with a recipe for it so…lasagna it is tonight.

I opted to brown my meat on the stove. I can cook it better that way, I think anyway, and add salt pepper and all that good stuff to it.  (I used dried because do wanted to see if that would help with the flavor)

Drained the grease……

In a bowl mix 2 cups ricotta cheese, a cup of mozzarella cheese, and  a cup of Italian cheese. 3 eggs. 3 tbsp of parsley chopped. 1 tsp of pepper and 1 tsp of sea salt and mix it together.

1 cup tomato sauce and half cup of water in the bottom of the pot.

Place 1 lasagna shells in the middle and break two and put along the sides…not pretty but I’ll figure it out I’m sure….

Add the cheese and meat

Another layer of noodles and then sauce. I did three layers. Put sause on top of last layer and added another cup of cheese 

Put the lid on close the release valve and set pressure cooker to soup/stew press time adjust button till it reaches 20 minutes and we wait. 

Release the pressure valve and let set for 10 minutes and serve!

After setting for 10 minutes I searched it with a little garlic bread!

This is now a fav! MMMMMM good!

Follow up……should add a bit more liquid to bottom on pan it got just a little burnt down there but not bad.

Fajitas….I can make that

The pressure cooker got another work out last night. Made steak Fajitas. Got our ingredients 

Pushed the chicken and meat button to turn on the pressure cooker so I could brown the meat a little and sautée the onions

Cut up some red peppers and some squash and threw it all in the pot.

Put some fajita seasoning in it and stirred it up a little bit. Threw the meat on top and closed up the pressure cooker. I did not put any liquid into the pot. With the veggies and the meat I was hoping it would make enough liquid to steam.

Pushed the chicken/meat button again and we waited. While this was going on I made some Mexican rice as a side and warmed some flour and corn tortillas.

When the beep happened I let out the steam.

And when that the steam stopped I took off the lid and bam….

As you can see there is liquid in the pot. It was a good call not to add liquid. Took the mix out of the pot.

And made me some fajitas 

It was really good! I didn’t put enough seasoning it it (was afraid to over season) but still good none the less. 

Give it a shot!