A New Year!

I can’t even believe that it is 2014 all ready. Where did last year go?
I accomplished several things last year…..Another year of school over, deans list both times, 2 homes painted and re organized, moved, walked a lot more. Mostly tried to be better to me. I am looking forward to what this year has to offer.
I want to continue taking better care of me. I am going to be a college graduate by May. Im going to travel a bit this year. Going to get back to walking more and riding my bike!!
Im going to continue my bog. Maybe not every single day but i have enjoyed doing it. It also appears that Mr P is a hit amongst my friends.
The snow is coming down today in the 937. It looks beautiful outside. I have been out and about and the roads are not too bad really, side street are bad but if you take your time you can get where your going with little trouble.
My wish for you is that we continue on this journey. Keep our heads up high and take on every day a breath at a time.
Welcome to 2014!
Let do this!

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