Working out with a friend

I have found a buddy to walk and work out with. Kinda funny how that happened. One of my dearest friends had been watching my updates and started asking me what I was doing to lose weight. As I began to tell her she decides that she wanted to join me.

We spent an hour tonight walking on the treadmill and doing some weights. It was nice to walk and talk tonight. We talked about school. She could be a professional college student where I just wish it was over. I am the story-teller of our circle of friends so I was able to tell a lot of funny class story’s.

It’s great to work out with a buddy. I look forward to more and more time just hanging out. We made plans to do this again. She makes me believe in me. She is also trying to get to know me for me. Interesting concept :0)

When I got home from school I spent 45 minute doing the Wii fit. It cracks me up. Its fun and a work out. Gotta love that!

Well I need to hit the showers!

Till Next Time…

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