Walking a path

SO today I want to talk a bit about paths…..Everyone walks a different path…Some walk hand and hand…Some walk alone…Some ask for help and others well…we offer yet they seem to never catch on. God never promised for the path to be straight and there never to be a bump in the road. It seems these days with everything that is going on we seem to see more bumps in the road then we see the silver lining. My path may not be what most people would consider to be the right path but it is the right path for me…I am thankful for the people that I have chosen to walk this path with me. The people that have become my chosen family..Don’t get me wrong I love my family but some things they just will never understand, Nor do I think I ever really want them to.

In 2012 I want to make some changes that will help me be better to me and the chosen family reminds me of this everyday. So thank you Chosen family for your love and support and for believing in me! Your support already in my changes that are coming have been great. Together we are going to make 2012 a great year.

We are only as good strong as our weakest one, so together we are unstoppable.

Till next time…

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