Another day

I am looking at the 1200 calories that I have been trying to stay under and I am wondering if my body is thinking I am starving it.  For 2 weeks I have been under except for 1 day.   I have lost no weight.  I am a bit discouraged I wont lie but I am looking into eating more veggies and fruit and drinking more water.  I am at least eating better which has to be better for me anyway.  I am talking to the doctor on Monday about anything she may have to say but I know I am doing the right thing for me.  I do feel better.  I am loosing inches all though the scale says no weight lose.  I just need to see it move.  It is what we use to see progress, the scale that is.

My boss is doing weight watchers.  I would possible do that if it didn’t cost so much.  But it does help that there isn’t all the junk around work.

I am not discouraged although it does sound that way.  I just needed to vent.  I am in it to win it!  This is my year and I am going to lose the weight and I am going to get healthy!  I AM!

Till Next Time…

Looking Back….

As the year 2011 comes to an end I wanted to take a minute and reflect on a few things.  This year has flown by and in a way I am glad to see it go.  Not that anything went really bad this year but I am looking forward to a fresh start.  2011 I changed jobs in March and it ended up being a blessing.  I am blessed to have great friends and wish I could see you all more often :0)

I had the opportunity to go back to school this year.  After being out of school for many, many years I really thought it was going to be worse than it was.  I lucked out and believe you me when I tell you that I am really enjoying it.  Not sure if it is because I have grown up and now know that I need a degree to get anywhere or that I just needed a change.  Either way I a continuing on next quarter and am hoping by winter quarter I can finish up with a degree in Communications.  What will I do with this degree….you will have to continue to watch my blog to see. I do know that my english class made me feel like I was smarter than a fifth grader :0)

My photography did pretty well this year and I am looking forward to making a few changes there as well.  My goal for this year is to get published in a national magazine.  This year I printed a few of my own magazines and that to me was a great success.  I want to see my name in the tag line on a book shelf at Borders, Books A Million or even the grocery store.  I can do this.  I am going to visit a few people I know that own businesses and see if I can add some of my art work into their shops.  I am going to talk to a few other businesses and see if I can redecorate their offices.  Maybe even see if I can do a showing some where when the Oregon has its gallery hops this spring and summer.  This next year I want to focus on my work.

I am also going to work on me.  This year I was put on BP meds.  Good news is they are working bad news is I have to remember to take them.  So far I have been and it has helped out a lot.  I plan to do more about my health this year as well.  I am going to get back in the gym.  Work on my 1200 calories and no more eating after 7.  That is tough one when I don’t get off work till then.  But It will work out the way it is suppose too.

I could go on but I will save that for another blog.

Till Next Time……